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Alcatel S12 Documents

Wallis Dudhnath - 9th November 2018  (11:16 GMT)

Hi Vijay,

Sorry for my very late response.

Saw your question regarding:-

IN/SSF/AXE810/APZ 21230/33 Related AXE Docs.

I used to work on Ericsson IN, SSF/gsmSSF, gsmSCF, etc.. APZ 212 30 is now obsolete.

I can address IN related questions.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

emmie - 9th November 2018  (06:14 GMT)

asking a copy of detailed direct or bicom commands for Alcatel S-12 EC-7

akbar - 17th July 2012  (10:52 GMT)

hi plz give a document for alcatel switch

ferdinand Magapayo - 19th August 2011  (07:27 GMT)


i know for a fact that the alcatel S12 (switch/pabx) has long been phase out, can i request for a supporting document if you have saying that it is end of life? if you have can you send it to my email, i am actually conducting a study regarding the high risk of this phase out equipment. hope you could accommodate us on this.

warm regards!

Steven Yin - 20th May 2004  (17:20 GMT)

Could you please pass on S12 doc ot mine emailbox , thanks very much !! I come from China .

Vijay - 19th March 2004  (18:49 GMT)

Hello Flavio Passa,

How abt Doc interchange....

I need something related to IN/SSF/AXE810/APZ 21230/33 Related AXE Docs.

Flavio Passa - 29th December 2003  (02:46 GMT)

I would like to ask somebody, special to Vijay regarding Alcatel S12 Public Telephone Switch documentation.

I'll appreciate any collaboration.

Vijay - 28th December 2003  (12:42 GMT)

Ok Mr.Sawant you will be receiving an Invitation from a Yahoo Group for our Purpose.

Hereafter...Remainig Communication will be there .



SawantP - 28th December 2003  (04:02 GMT)


I also from INDIA - Prakash Sawant
email - some introductory documents can be sent into this account 'cause it can hold upto 10MB. For AXE I don't have 810. We are still working on AXE 10 with R8.0 version but I have your other requirements. I highly appreciate your help.


Vijay - 27th December 2003  (10:55 GMT)

Nice my Dear Friend :-))

Where r u from ?

I am from India.

I will make deal for AXE Docs.
Just like you I am looking for AXE Docs badly.

I am having Full Description abt S12.And I am looking for IN/SSF/AXE810/APZ 21230/33 Related AXE Docs ?

I will arrange a EGROUP For our Deal.your conatct mail id pls.



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