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cell individual offset

Murali Anand - 27th June 2019  (10:14 GMT)

Why CIO is not required for inter rat handover?

Alaa - 30th March 2019  (12:01 GMT)

why I need to add an offset value ?
what is the important of this value ?

VICTOR ALBERTO PEREZ - 1st October 2018  (21:56 GMT)

Hi, you can change de CIO (Cell Individual Offset) when you want perform HO easier, while greater CIO value is easier the HandOver to target Cell.

Sachin Dubey - 9th September 2014  (08:15 GMT)

Hi, I want to understand, what are the conditions other than Cell Unavailability, for a Cell, that triggers the counter to peg under Category of Drop due to Unmonitored Neighbors.In simple understanding, can anyone share the reasons of drop due to unmonitored neighbors.



pix - 6th September 2013  (12:18 GMT)


Definition (copied from doc)
The offset is added to the measured quantity before the UE evaluates whether an event has occurred. Improper use of non-default values may result in instability and unequal cell borders.

By applying a positive offset, the UE sends a MEASUREMENT REPORT message back to the SRNC as if the measured value is offset higher than reality. By applying a negative offset, the UE considers the measured value to be offset lower than reality at event evaluation.

-10 dB (late detection) > 10 dB (early detection)

0 dB

0.5 dB


Onigece - 6th September 2013  (05:22 GMT)

Im not also familiar with this parameter, but as someone hinted to me, CIO is a 3G handover parameter. The higher the CIO,the earlier it will handover to neighbor cell, therefore the lesser the chance of call drop because of handover failure. Im not even 1% sure if my argument is correct. Comments pls.

ahmad - 12th April 2013  (06:26 GMT)

hi all

please any one can advice me about the CIO parameter setting , why the default value is 0 , and when I need to change it .

I know that it affect the drop rate , but I need to know under which conditions it will ?


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