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LAPD vs LAPD oml fault

Manu Mohan Das - 14th December 2013  (06:48 GMT)

What is meant by LAPD PAGING OVERLOAD? How to resolve???

sam - 24th March 2013  (21:25 GMT)

What is BCCH missing?

nizam - 3rd December 2012  (14:35 GMT)

hi all
just want to ask im new in this ericsson , we r using FE as a transmission medium , our rnc detect alarm OML fault can any body help what is the problem

Jack - 11th July 2012  (02:48 GMT)

Hi Ades,OML is simply Operation and Maintenance Link thru which we at OMC can reach the BTS.Its a 16/64kpbs TS in the E1.When a BTS fails,(ie e1 is break) the OML also fails and we normally get an alarm 'LAPD OML fault'.

LAPD is Link access protocol on the D link,a layer2 protocol,ensures error free Transmission.In the BTS normally TRX gets these alarms,straightaway check the e1 or for any loose connections in the BTS.if persists perform the ultimate mastersrtoke.


ADESOJI - 5th July 2012  (21:27 GMT)


Agha - 30th April 2012  (06:11 GMT)

Gud Day
Well Shadow,we patch E1 cables just to link two different we connect M/W PCM cable to BTS cable by patching in Kronea.and the same process we do in integration to reach to BSC from the Source Cell and than from BSC to MSC.No of E1 cables depends on sort of link(PDH/SDH)or more so there is a cabinet in the BSC to patch in Kronea.

Hope u understand.

shadow - 29th April 2012  (14:32 GMT)

thanks agha , Ur answer was really helpful , but this will lead me to another question playing in my mind for a long time.... what is the root of any E1 in huawei after it reach to the BSC , i mean i can see link magazines like RTN620 in the BSC with E1 cables and i don't know where these E1's go into...there is also cabinets in the BSC which contain a large amount of E1 cables and the OSN which have fibers and converting fiber to E1 cables connected to those came from BSC cabinets or whatever , and also when the BSC is near the CO(central office) it connected to it somehow to reach the MSC ,, i don't no exactly what is going on

Agha - 28th April 2012  (04:47 GMT)

Hi Shadow
OML Fault is generated when the OML is disconnected b/w BTS and BSC.Its a critical Alarm in Huawei.Although BTS reset automatically after 15 min if the issue persistent.u can also check these steps.
1).The transmission line is faulty,
2).The BTS has a power failure.
3).The TRX of the BTS is faulty.

For any query, feel free to ask.

shadow - 26th April 2012  (18:04 GMT)

thanks all

Rasantha - 9th February 2012  (12:37 GMT)

there Can be happen to oml down will receiving is low .

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