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2G to 3G HO

pix - 25th February 2011  (17:07 GMT)


could you confirm your cell topology ?

you have, for each sector:
1 GSM cell "standalone" (cell type = single ?)
1 DCS cell "concentric" (cell type = single concentric ?)

am i correct ?

why did you implement monoband concentric DCS cell ? don't you have enough DCS frequencies already ?

i'm not very convinced by your topology, please explain..

to increase normal assignment in the DCS, yes, the idea would be to increase the CRO. Ensure the C2 criteria is enabled in your DCS cell (param_reselect_ind).
With a cro=14dB you should have a nice balance between gsm and dcs. Could you please share your qos stats?


alcatelman - 25th February 2011  (15:36 GMT)

Hello Pix,
i have tried yoour proposition and everything seems ok now.
But i just observed that more channel requests are going to the GSM band. I increased CRO for the DCS concentris cell to 14dB without improvement.
GSM CRO for neighbour cells are at 0dB.
Pls advice. This started after the Concentric cell implementation.

Sachin Huilgol - 21st February 2011  (06:20 GMT)

for testing 2g to 3g handover what are the parameters we need to validate for device/handset testing in qxdm

pix - 17th February 2011  (12:50 GMT)

alcatel man,

will you always do one mistake per post ? if you do so many mistakes when you write, how many do you do when you read ? i'm scared...

try the following settings:
RxLev_UL_Zone = -95dBm
RxLev_DL_Zone = -86dBm
Zone_HO_HYST_DL = 6dBm
Zone_HO_HYST_UL = 3dBm

please tell me your QOS stats, the ones I asked few posts ago (traffic, etc...)


nux - 17th February 2011  (10:37 GMT)

Hi all,

i'm working at ericsson core network. i have similar problem about 3G-2G HO. what parameter that could be affect this issue at core side?

i have created route for BSC/RNC, LAC/CI before. any advice would be great for me


alcatel man - 16th February 2011  (17:22 GMT)

mistake, i meant to say -91dbm

Pix - 16th February 2011  (16:34 GMT)

L_RXLEV_DL_H .... -81dbm

Why ??????????

It should be -93dBm by default.

No wonder you have lots of level HO.

Please check if this setting is really necessary or not.

alcatel man - 16th February 2011  (15:56 GMT)

Hello pix, Pls see settings,

L_RXLEV_DL_H .... -81dbm
L_RXLEV_UL_H ? .... -100dBm

L_RXLEV_DL_P ?.....-75dBm
L_RXLEV_UL_P ?..... -85dBm

A_LEV_HO .... 8
A_LEV_PC ... 4

pix - 16th February 2011  (15:41 GMT)

also, some QoS stats I need:

what is the TCH Erlang (FR+HR) in EACH TRX ?

What is the amount of TCH allocation per TRX ?

What is the amount of HO cause 13 (outer to inner zone) ?

pix - 16th February 2011  (15:38 GMT)

ok now you are making sense... you're not an easy person to help ! :D

what is




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