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No paging response.

sudip - 7th January 2019  (16:41 GMT)

We r facing same issue.please suggest for it

prashant mara - 18th September 2014  (14:14 GMT)

In the network MSC sending paging to BSC , BSc received the PAGING 3 times but their was no response for the PAGING find that the whenever the data service is on in the MS some times their is no response for the PAGING for in the CS and data is on. I want to know is it a MS handset problem or BSC problem or any other problem

ayat - 27th January 2014  (11:22 GMT)


i will do

Aly - 26th January 2014  (17:05 GMT)

We are facing the same problem as Lexa in our network, would appreciate any help or guidelines. Our System is Huawei MSOFTX3000.

Santanu - 5th February 2011  (10:43 GMT)


the paging if degraded then just check the paging req first from MSC if that increased??? if not then check the MSC BSC signalling links if those are congested then paging will be discarded...

Ayat - 1st February 2011  (07:30 GMT)

Hello all

in our network , in some LAC we have paging sucesss rate(%) without repaing 83% and with repaing (paging for 2 nd time ) 84% paging timer is 6 sec.

so i have no idea about this fail except the MS ia battery less or out of coavarge .

Could you help me

and give me hint how i can start

Santanu - 7th May 2010  (08:51 GMT)

There is a Paging response problem in one MSC with MOTOROLA BSC's. The paging response fail is about 35%. Suddenly it happaned. What can be the cause??
Please help me...

C300G - 25th December 2009  (16:15 GMT)

If it's mass-probles, check PAGING channels statistics on problem LAC. Is thre enough paging channels? No SDCCH overloads?

Kamal - 25th December 2009  (14:54 GMT)

By d way,lexa GS was on..? Paging is done via sgsn or msc only..?

Pix - 16th December 2009  (15:47 GMT)

You're welcome,

If I'm right, then I'm like the Dark Knight of GSM

(except I don't have much hair on my chest, and my car barely reaches 110km/h)
(it does have a weird smell, though, that scares dogs away)

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