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MGW KPI formulas(urgent)

Kella - 5th July 2018  (10:19 GMT)

I need on how to calculate Ericsson MGW utilization

Mr Mena landu - 23rd June 2016  (10:00 GMT)

I'm also need these personal formula
someone help

sara - 4th October 2015  (11:07 GMT)

how do calculate mgw capacity in ericcson mgw

Hitendrs Raghuwanshi - 5th September 2013  (09:38 GMT)

How we can check no. of calls/sec in Ericsson MGWs on ETC-41 card.

Abhinav - 13th April 2009  (12:59 GMT)

Can anybody please tell me the formulas for following NSN MGW KPIs??

2.Service Retainability
3.IP Signalling Quality
4.Emergency Call success rate
5.IBCP Bearer Establishment Success rate
6.Media Stream channel Seizure Suceess rate
7.Current traffic load
8.Media Stream Channel Utilisation rate

I need forumulas for the above KPIs on urgent basis.Plz help

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