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Lemaure - 28th November 2018  (07:05 GMT)

You need to assign MAIO to all TRX otherwise you'll be prompted with an error.
keep in mind that the highest MAIO you can set is the (number of frequencies in the MALIST)-1

kheang - 26th November 2018  (03:14 GMT)

If we have 8 TRX in sector 1. we assign MAIO 0,4,12,14,18 in TRX. for the TRX doesn't assign MAIO will hopping or not ? or do we need to assign MAIO for all TRX to get FH ?

RF - 4th September 2014  (08:53 GMT)

Hi pix,

we have 17 freq in MA list..
Can i use 1 x 3 Freq plan???
please reply earlier...i want to implement in my network asap

Lemaure - 11th June 2013  (14:47 GMT)

that's right Pix. you should really have a low traffic network to ensure good quality with this short MALIST. But if it's just an umbrella layer i thnk it can still work.

pix - 10th June 2013  (20:45 GMT)


It's just 2/2/2 configuration, not 3/3/3, so your 1st part was enough :

s1,2,3 trx0: nonhopping

s1 trx1 = 0
s2 trx1 = 2
s3 trx1 = 4

By the way,

you're having 3 hopping TRX on this site, and a MA list of 12 ARFCN.

So that gives a RF load of 3/12=25%, which is quite high (typical target is below 20%). If neighbours are nearby (urban area), then you can expect high interference during Busy Hour, when the second TRXs are loaded to 100%.

If site is located in a rural area, then it should be fine.


Lemaure - 10th June 2013  (14:02 GMT)

Noticed that with this MALIST you can't go above the MAIO 10 because the MAIO 12 is EQUAL to MAIO 0. So this MALIST is made for not more than 6TRX on a site. In case of high traffic on a sector you either push out the traffic (parameters optimisation)or do a whitelist on a low traffic sector of the same site(from 2==>1 TRX).

Lemaure - 10th June 2013  (13:53 GMT)

s1,2,3 trx0: nonhopping

s1 trx1 = 0
s2 trx1 = 2
s3 trx1 = 4

s1 trx2 = 6
s2 trx2 = 8
s3 trx2 = 10

Ali - 10th June 2013  (13:24 GMT)

Thanks i have below MAl list
Configuration is 2/2/2 i have to plan Maio for it, plz suggest

pix - 9th June 2013  (18:42 GMT)

hi lemaure,

-> you're right :) step of "2" to avoid adj ch interference.

Apologies for my mistake !



Lemaure - 9th June 2013  (08:25 GMT)

i think the choice of TRX MAIO depends on the nature of your malist
if the frequencies of the malist are consecutive, the MAIO should have a difference of 2 to avoid adjacent interferences. so the allocation should be

s1 trx1 = 0
s2 trx1 = 2
s3 trx1 = 4

s1 trx2 = 6
s2 trx2 = 8
s3 trx2 = 10

s1 trx3 = 12
s2 trx3 = 14
s3 trx3 = 16

also remember that your MAIO should not go above N-1 (N: number of frequencies in the MALIST)

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