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Nokia SDCCH Drop Formulae?

Nasrin - 7th December 2018  (12:34 GMT)

hello dears
we have same issue and after RLT decrease it became worse

REZA - 24th December 2011  (14:41 GMT)

Hi Bijoy.
Would u please explain more ?

Best Regards

Bijoy - 21st December 2011  (09:21 GMT)

You can use the formula without T3101 expiry.


Reza - 19th December 2011  (04:10 GMT)

Hi,yes you are right.I am working on a network with Nokia Vendor and we have problems with SDCCH DROP & TCH ASS FAIL.Do you have any idea for decreasing these indexes?
tanx a alot.

Boukrim - 13th May 2008  (09:03 GMT)

i am working on a Network with Nokia, Ericsson and Siemens vendors. i am trying to unify main KPI on a netwrok level ( combining all 3 vendors) but i found many differences between each vendor's KPIs ( radio kpi), Nokia taking into account System point of view and Ericsson taking Customer point of view KPIs. i have a question especially regarding SDCCH Drop Call in Nokia. we experience high SDCCH drop in nokia area compared to Ericsson or siemens. and 99% of SDCCH are due to radio reason ( SDCCH Fail Radio cause). the problem is that this includes also failures before even the SDCCH is completly assigned to MS ( before getting EST IND from MS).
Do you know any other Nokia formulae that counts only drops after Establish indication
thanks for support and help

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