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Ericsson AXE 10

Wallis Dudhnath - 15th April 2019  (13:27 GMT)

In the past I used to look at the Linecards for wireline POTS / ISDN.

The Linecards provided the following capabilites:-

-Battery feed for the two-wire interface (A and B Legs)
-Overload Protection to alleviate potential damage to the delicate SLIC / SLAC circuits
-Ringing. Ringing current for the CPE.
-Signalling. Conveying signals to the CPE: Off-hook dial tone, Ringing signal for the CPE bell, on-hook
Signal, etc..
-Codec. Enabled speech signals to be sampled, quantised and encoded by the PCM SLIC/SLAC circuits
-Hybrid Circuit. Enabled the conversion of Two Wire to Four Wires (RX / TX)
Test Network. Test the Two-Wire interface.

Recommend that you re-use the standard AXE10 installation / commisioning test cases. These are basically
a standard set of tests that can be customised.

If you are performing basic Wireline POTS testing then you can equip several CPE to the AXE10 switch.
Calls can be setup and the wireline signalling validated. Time duration should e noted for each call and this
should be cross checked with the Toll Ticket (Charging Data Record - CDR). Loop Disconnect and MF4 signalling
should be checked. For SS7, a loopback route can be setup on the AXE10 BYB switch.

For performance testing you will need Traffic Generators with the AXE10 Linecards.


CLIC - Complete Line Interface Circuit

PCM - Pulse Code Modulation

SLIC - Subscriber Line Interface Circuit

SLAC - Subscriber Line Audio Circuit

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

coldfire222 - 12th April 2010  (05:18 GMT)

hi all,

i think test scenarios / test plan are already avaialable in the H-module of alex particularly for byb 202 which is kinda old hw. the document can be asked from ELS


cuneytt - 6th April 2010  (06:53 GMT)

I wonder if tehere is anyone who can help me about writing script?

Bob Smith - 22nd August 2006  (03:13 GMT)

I do not what is needed to test, a line card, from the old BYB 202 system, maybe there are test tools out there, when I worked on 202, if faulty, re packed and sent back to Erissson, basically replaced it from the spares


Donald Bryan - 21st August 2006  (21:27 GMT)

Do you have any information on the set up that could help in any way Bob?

Bob Smith - 17th August 2006  (22:11 GMT)

line cards are just an Interface to incomming PCM,unless tou have the tools to test (Ericcon) then you may be going nowhere

Don - 11th August 2006  (09:03 GMT)

I was wondering if someone could help me with a problem im having. I have limited experience in switching and i am trying to put together a test plan on how to test the line cards for a BYB 202 system. Could someone tell me what i would need in order to test this card using a minimal amount of equipment. I am being told that I require an APZ, IOG, Group switch and an RPH magazine. Any help would be grateful on this matter. Thanks

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