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TCH Drop due to sudden lost of connectio

sam - 21st February 2019  (07:20 GMT)

hi all,
call are getting drop due to error indication i found in tch drop over view report that tch connection failure are maximum call drop reason. can any 1 please suggest me what are the reason for call drop due to error indication and why tch connection are getting failed.

CHETAN PATERIYA - 23rd November 2016  (11:17 GMT)

TCH DROP can be rectify on what parameters or procedure to troubleshoot TCH DROP can any one brief me about it?

sivabalan - 6th April 2016  (08:59 GMT)

erlang dip after adding the TRX .let we know what are the possible case .what we will the confiugation

akhtar khan - 2nd October 2011  (16:04 GMT)

hi all,

plz tell me wht will be effct on call if interference find on BCCH while call is going on TCH OR
vise verse

if call drop happn ,why
if not ,why not

Iwan Suwandi - 22nd August 2006  (07:54 GMT)

Hi Friends

I have problem with my site
1. I have a problem of TCH DROP Bad Quality looks acceptable from stats . SDCCH CSSR is within our KPI's and theres is no congestion on TCH and SDCCH. I have drive test this site and during the drive test no interference found. Can some one help me

Pix - 15th June 2006  (21:04 GMT)

hi gerard,

other possible causes
- Abis link is intermitent
- Someone resetted softwares in the BTS, from OMC, so all calls are dropped(= maintenance actions)
- There is some hardware issues with the combiner, TRX or clock/controller, leading to degraded calls handling.
- Mobile phone failure (but that won't appear in statistics, because all mobile phones don't just crash at the same time... but it can happen during the drive tests, your test mobile phone can crash / connection issues)


Gerard Masiala - 15th June 2006  (06:35 GMT)

Hi Abhishek,

Thx a lot for your reply.
To be more explicit,the drop call due to "sudden loss of connection" according to Ericsson is not due neither to Excessive TA,nor low SS or bad quality.

In wich situation will we get a drop due to "sudden loss of connection"


Abhishek Sharma - 15th June 2006  (05:59 GMT)

Hi Gerard,
IF i'm getting you, you want to know the situation when the three cases mentioned by you occure and what can be the possible solutions for that. As per my knowledge:
1)Excessive TA : It happens when the distance between the MS and Serving BTS is more or you are at the cell boundary. To reduce the tch drop due excessive TA, best method is to use the downtilting of thr GSM antena (Both E & M). You can also limit the TA (I'm sure in NOKIA System) with the certain parameters settings.
2)Low Signal Strength : The possible reasons for low signal strength may be VSWR, any obstruction in front of GSM antena, Low BTS power, etc.
In general i have seen that if your parameter setting is OK this problem happens mainly due to Hardware issues (e.g. VSWR High, Antena Connection Lost etc.)
3)Bad Qality : It may occure due to both high interference or your Hardware.
Hope this will help you.

Abhishek Sharma

Gerard Masiala - 14th June 2006  (12:17 GMT)

Hi all,

According to Ericsson,Sudden loss of connection is valid if none of the urgency state(that is excessive TA, low signal strength or bad quality) are indicated and the locating procedure indicates missing measurement results from the MS.

I want to know in wich particular case this situation will happens and what will be the solution for each of them.


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