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ECT - Explicit Call Transfer

wallis dudhnath - 10th August 2018  (09:30 GMT)

Explicit Call Transfer - ECT - is a ISDN supplementary Service. GSM is based on the ISDN (Q.931) ETSI specifications.

The ECT supplementary service enables a user (user A) who has two calls, each of which can be an incoming call or an outgoing call, to connect together the other users in the two calls, into one call.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

Ramakrishna - 1st August 2018  (13:52 GMT)

after long time this has been posted, giving my understanding.

First to clear, conference and ECT both are different concepts.

taking your exmaple, S -> has one out going call to B and incoming call from A.
at this point there is no connection between A and B. Common point is S.

When S do ECT, connection will be established between A and B, and S will be completely out of context.

Amit - 25th January 2005  (08:21 GMT)

I would like to know how the Explicit call Transfer feature can be activated for a Mobile subscriber & in AXE810 platform what all configuration would be needed for the ECT feature support

Misa - 17th November 2004  (02:05 GMT)

right, Rons is true.

Rons - 16th November 2004  (12:34 GMT)


about ECT....

ECT is used when a subscriber has one active call and another call on hold (each of which can be an incoming or an outgoing call). When the subscriber transfers the call, the subscriber is released from the call and the other two users are connected together.


Rakesh - 15th November 2004  (07:15 GMT)

I have come caross this term recently on a GSM forum . In that what I got to know that if a subscriber ,say S has ECT facility then he can get a conference call & drop while conference still goes on. For eg-
Saay "A" calls "S" having the ECT facility, then "S" calls "B" & confernece gets between "A" , S" & "B" . Now if " S" drops the call the converstaion between "A" 7 "B" still goes on unlike a normal conference in which if "S" drops then "A" & "B" can't continue talking.

Anybody having an idea. Is it true ? What exactly is this ECT feature ? Ps confirm

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