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Output power of Alcatel 9110 E micro BTS

pix - 7th June 2017  (20:57 GMT)


I don't remember this "bsc report" at all, are you sure it measures the max available output per trx?
It may be measuring the current average power, and because of power control and idle channels the actual power is much less than the max available.

I'm not working with alu anymore, but i'll ask my colleagues.

Could you describe where you get this bsc report ?

BR / pix

Mohamad - 31st May 2017  (12:13 GMT)

please your assist for the below:

Why is this vast difference between the TX Power of tgt18 & TMX18 that is going from antenna level with same configuration 2TRE’s on each, knowing that they are have the same TX power 2x 45 W that is output from the HW tgt18 & TMX18.

From the BSC report we can see the below :

 The tgt18 is giving 40.5 dbm power which is 11.2 W
 The tmx18 is giving 45.1 dbm which is 32.3 W

pix - 24th May 2017  (22:12 GMT)


yes, that's exactly how it works. But you can decide to allocate less than half the tmx power to each trx. I'm pretty sure you can also do some power boosting, assuming not all timeslots are used all the time.


Mohamad - 22nd May 2017  (11:07 GMT)

How the TX power of tmx18 and tgt18 are divided into tre
If i have configured one cell with 2 tre and i have tmx, is the whole power of tmx are divided into that 2 tre or what!

Pix - 5th January 2011  (15:24 GMT)


Without Combiner

** GSM 900 (P-band)
GMSK: 7.0 W = 38.5 dBm
8PSK: 5.0 W = 37.0 dBm

** GSM 1800
GMSK: 7.0 W = 38.5 dBm
8PSK: 4.0 W = 36.0 dBm

If combiner is used (= one antenna output), remove 3.4dB.


Akki - 5th January 2011  (09:16 GMT)


Could anyone please provide the range of o/p power of TRE of 9110 E micro BTS without losses of combiner.


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