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Starting VoIP Calculator

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Start VoIP Calculator by selecting VoIP Calculator | VoIP Calculator from the Start menu.  A window will appear with a Tab Control below the title bar.



This tab control has two tabs, each representing a calculator included with the programme: Lines and IP Bandwidth Calculator and Erlangs and IP Bandwidth Calculator.  Select the required tab representing the calculator with which you wish to work.


The buttons on the right side of the calculator (Calculate, Stop, Close and Help) remain in use when either calculator is active:


Calculate starts a calculation
Stop aborts a calculation
Close ends the application
Help opens the online help file


The B/W units radio buttons are used for both calculators to select whether entries and results are made and displayed using kbps or Mbps.


The Traffic units radio button is enabled when the Erlangs and IP Bandwidth Calculator is in use and determines the traffic units in use.