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Example calculation

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How many lines can I derive from an IP based network path whose bandwidth is 1.544 Mbps?  I am using the G.728 codec.   I am not using any header compression and one IP datagram is being transmitted in each direction every 20ms.


To find out the answer to this question, follow these steps:


Select the Lines to IP Bandwidth Calculator using the relevant tab at the top of the window.
Select G.728 using the Coding algorithm drop down box.
Select 20ms using the Packet duration drop down box.
Select No RTP header compression using the RTP header compression drop down box.
Choose Mbps as the bandwidth unit by clicking on the Mbps radio button on the right side of the window.
Click the Unknown radio button in the Voice Paths (lines) area to indicate that you wish to calculate the number of lines.
Enter 1.544 in the edit box in the Bandwidth (Mbps) area.
Press the Calculate button.



After a short time, 48 will be displayed in the grey edit box.  This is the result of the calculation, and shows that 48 voice channels can be transmitted through a 1.544 Mbps IP link using the selected VoIP characteristics.  This result does not take any layer two overhead into account.