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Excel 2021 released

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    Tom Howard

    Office 2021

    Microsoft released the latest version of their Office suite earlier this month to coincide with the introduction of Windows 11. Microsoft 365 subscribers will find a new version of Excel made available through the usual upgrade channel.

    Besides a freshening-up of the visual interface, Excel’s new version introduces some interesting features including:

    • Simplified lookups using the new XLOOKUP function
    XMATCH, which searches for a specified term and returns that item’s relative position
    • The LET function, which promises to simplify complex formulae by breaking them into manageable chunks
    • Live co-authoring through OneDrive and improved collaboration.

    Microsoft would love us all to subscribe to Microsoft 365 but recognise that subscription-based software services do not suit all their customers. Those who prefer perpetual licences will need to pay for an upgrade to Excel 2021. Either way, you will have the same version of Excel installed. Please be assured that our add-in products, Erlang for Excel (Erlang B and Erlang C functions for worksheets) and CC-Excel (nine call center functions for your own workbooks), both work with this latest version of Excel.

    We only sell perpetual licences (one payment only) but our product upgrades are always free. We have customers who have been using the same licence for twenty years. All we ask is that you check that each computer is covered by an appropriate licence from our company. Please contact us if you’re unsure.

    I’ll be checking the new functions in the next few weeks and will share my findings on the Excel Boardroom.


    Tom, I have been using your erlang c calculator in excel for 15 years. It is excellent. I love your ethos and way of doing business. Kudos. You have made me look and do better in my work because of your work. Thank you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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