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Call Center in Dhaka

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    F. Rabby

    Hi Everybody,
    Call Center/Contact Center is doing very good in Bangladesh. Still the industry is growing and long way to go. Around 100 call centers are in operation and another 100 will be in operation within the next 3 months. Most of the call centers are working for USA, UK and Australian campaign.Few of them are also doing Inbound too.
    Therefore, the future is great and we are getting all the support from our Governing body.
    Telecomm infrastructure is getting better day by day and already in the world class level.

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    Robin Ahasan

    Wass up ladies and gentlemen,
    I guess we’re here to talk bout the call center industry…… Well this industry is going to leave all the other industries behind and make the bangalis proud and loud around the globe. However from the business point of view this industry is for those people who know or had experiences in this related field. So I urge people not to saturate this business before its inception. Please think bout the guys who are the future of the country and take this country out of the Stone Age. Nonetheless we know we are the best and we will show it to the rest of the world. Help us flourish the industry and that is what we try to do. Peace!!!!

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    Shahrima Tahsin

    Call Center industry is a booming sector in Bangladesh, actually at present it is as like as an infant. Bangladeshi youths are very much interested & keen to build up their career in this sector and for this reason they are preparing themselves upto that level which are necessary to be a part of this industry. There are so many call centers are in opration in Bangladesh, Mexcall is one of them. This call center is providing International & domestic (inbound/outbound) contact/call center services and are working for USA, Australian & UK campaign.But running the call center operation is a difficult job.I am a member of this call center & my company is facing problem of recruiting agents. As it is quite a new concept in Bangladesh most of the people don’t have adequat knowledge about international call center.So most of the call center including my one have lack of skilled agents. Thats why we have to give training to the people to make them prepare for the industry. But the good thing is people especially the young generation have much interest to start their career with this sector.So it will take sometime to operate the call center with full back up.

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    iwaay consultant

    Around 250 call center got licence in Bangladesh and sorry to say that only 25 centers are struggling and there are only 5 to 7 centers are working good in which 2 to 3 centers running Inbound.

    Industry can make proud to Bdesh but what i have seen in my last visit it again takes some times.

    This is basic things that before giving licences govt need to work behind the agents.. Without row material you can not think about manufacturing.

    Still it will take some time to get more process in B’Desh right now some survey process are good for this Country.

    Let us know your view


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    The basic thing is you always have to take care of your child when he’s a baby. This is same with Call Center in Bangladesh. You can’t say that within 3/4 months your business will start running.

    The major problem in Bangladesh is some Policies as well as Some extra learned people within our country and some from outside. We should focus on the business but people are focusing much on how to do side business related to Call Center. Like Training business, HR Business, Setup Business, Consultants etc etc. More of all most of these are false and fake and not authorized by any governing body. No one is concern about the main business. Again thanks to BTRC that they are now working on these issues also. Specially Consultants coming from outside and giving work to Bangladesh by taking huge amount of money. It’s just that they are making money not thinking about your business.

    InshAllah things will get better with time.

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    Pran Roy

    Hey guys
    India has been leading the Internatonal call center industry
    and will continue to for some time because of the sheer amount of resources available, skilled people, latest technology and good incentives from the government to develop. but this will not last for ever and is showing signs of slow down due to escalating salarys, very high attrition rates and reputation speaking English with many Indianisms.
    This gives a very real oppurtunity for young Bangladeshis to focus on, with a similar economy and cost of living, this global call center industry will be ours by learning from the mistakes that have been made in India, to provide the best service/customer satisfaction for the best brand names all round the world.
    It is only a matter of time before we weed out the timewasters and Bangladesh becomes a huge success story. feel it!

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    F. Rabby

    @Iiway: it will take some time for BD. Thats normal I guess. If you go bk 12 yrs, India was at the same position. SO BD will be there within 2-4 years time. Hope for the best guys.

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    Robin Ahasan

    It is true that the call centers in Bangladesh have a long way to go and the (to be)agents will have hard time in this industry but seriously!! guys, one thing is a must “PATIENCE”

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    I totally agree with Pran, Rabby & Robin.

    I am not saying anything against any country but must say that the Agent Cost in IN, PK & PH is really high and thus the next move should be towards Bangladesh. What Bangladesh need is Proper Managed Call Center with qualified Management at this time. We have to have patience and InshAllah by 2 years from now most of the US & UK companies will come to Bangladesh for outsourcing their business.

    Another thing I’d like to point out is, we should increase the OPEX at this moment in that case we’ll make the same mistake like others. I have seen some Centers in Dhaka are incresing the salary level of agents as a result neither they are able to provide the salary to their agents nor the are happy with the scenario.

    BTRC has already taken action against the enters who are not in to operation till date. I hope centers will start their operation and in some time from now we’ll see the changes in this sector.

    Some 5/6 Call Centers are running and doing well and hope they will continue doing well. We also have to help the people who know little about Call Center but want to do this business honestly. In that way we can create a good market in Bangladesh.

    Another thing is, we should focus only within Dhaka City. We should start operations in other cities as well so that people get to know about this industry and youth from other city will also get involved in Call Center.

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    Nilam Aryal

    Since many days i was wondering to know about the operation of call center business. I don’t know whether it is a profitable business or industry to provide services to the interested people. Actually I am a foreigner student for Bangladesh. Now i am doing engineering in electrical and electronics. Since i was interested to engage with call center i checked some web sites which would help me to know about this. I finally found this site and knew many more. It would be better for me if i get opportunity to view it from nearest vision. i want to experience the working in call center.this is my interest since my childhood. If somebody got my point what i mean to say, i would be grateful if you help me in this regard.

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    Ali Zubayer Faruq

    Dear Shahrima Tahsin,

    I do not 100% agree regarding call center agent issue. I am not whether you know me or not. I am into this industry in operation and technology for last 5-6 yrs and found problem is with our short vision of this industry and penetrate into market.

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    plz suggest me to setting up a call center atleast 20 seatter
    plz send the details of hardware and software required?
    Call Center should be asterisk base…?

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    Jamil Hossen

    I want to know the Function & Procedure to set up a call center?
    How can one established a call center?

    Is there anyone to suggest/assist me regarding this through my mail.

    I resided at Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am Private service holder. My tract is administration & HR. At present I am not interested to work anywhere. But I have a little capital.

    Looking forward to the genuine & positive response.

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    Md. Naim Uddin

    I am agree to do VOIP business. Iwant to include in VOIP calling. Please can you know me about VOIP call center in Bangladesh at Dhaka city? Iwant to contact with them.

    #18582 Reply

    Investment never matter for setting up the call center,

    require good manpower

    shortage of manpower is there in B’desh

    it will take some time to get good agents


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