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ISO 9001

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    Hi There, Im a quality manager within the technical call centre environment. I’m very new to the ISO 9001, and i’m keen to gather as much information as i can regarding whats required / expected prior to registering for the certification. Would anyone be able to shed some light or give me a brief outline of requirements in laymens terms? Preferably relating to Call Centres? Thanks in advance Leanne.


    Before you start implementing determine the following:
    – Legal requirements
    – Labour related legislation
    – Industry ssector requirements

    Step 2
    Establish/define the follwing:
    – Mission, vision, quality policy and values
    – Code of ethics and conduct
    – Organizational structure
    – Roles, responsibilities and authorities
    – Appoint a management representative
    – Operational plans including procedures and work instructions for the call centre
    – Risk assessment

    Step 3 Establish procedures and controls for the following:
    1. Document control
    2. Data protection and record control
    3. Human resources (Lots of issues need to be addressed such as recruitment and training)
    4. Outsourcing and purchasing
    5. Security
    6. IT
    7. Facilities
    8. Customer related processes including contract review

    Implement processes to measure:
    1. Customer satisfaction
    2. Processes – do you achieve targets
    3. QMS by doing internal audits
    4. Operators
    5. Supplier performance

    Analyze data collected and write reports.

    Implement corrective action if problems were identified and sort out customer complaints

    Conduct management reviews

    Improve the organization

    A certification body such as DNV can provide you with specifics

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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