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how to establish a call center

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    iwant to wstablish a call center in pakistan,plz guide me who i can do this,what step i should take n how much investment i need?


    Where do u intend do open a call center in Pakistan .and we could help u in doing so what details to you need be abit more specific about it

    qaiser mehmood

    Hi Mehreen,

    I am also planning call center in karachi. Let’s share info , may be we can plan some thing together ?

    charle rasakane

    pls help us we need more info on how to start a call centre for our community


    Dear All

    How many seater you would like to go for. Based on no of seats I can guide you for the solution. If you are looking for more than 30 seater then I would suggest go for Ensemblepro dialer, I am implementing this product for the last 5 yrs. If you will compare with the cheaper solution:
    1- Good answering machine detection
    2- Lot of feature
    3- redundancy and many more feature.

    If you really interested for same plz do let me know I can guide you.



    I am interested to establish a call center in Pakistan to service companies in America. Need every kind of information possible. Would appreciate initial descriptive help.


    Dear Asif

    Long back I have sent you proposal at your gmail id, but unfortunately there is no reply from your end. If you are interested plz do let me know we can give you some cheaper solution. Is it possible for you to give me rough idea how can you spend, so that I can give you other cheaper solution.

    Currently are you in CA or Pakistan, if you are in pakistan I can ask my sales team to meet you, our office is in Karachi.

    Appreciate your response.



    Establising a call center in Pakistan is not an issue if some one can promise me the business. Although we cant have the chicken & egg story but we need to have some kind of MOU set-up to establish a call centre. We need this business from Europe, America Canada & Australia. If we can form a team of international sales people who can get some kind of “understanding/comitment” of business then setting up a call center is easy. I’ll appreciate your comments on

    Haroon Awan

    Thank you all for the responses. Now since I have covered some basic requirements from sales perspective, I would appreciate if some one can give me high level steps involved in establishing a call center. Some of the information provided is too advanced for me & I am not yet there to start talking about S/W, H/W, network design & architecture. I am documenting all that I am doing & would be happy to share with the forum members if requested.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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