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help me!!!!!!!!

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    hi everyone!!!!
    glad i found your forum.
    Came across a lot of usefull info but unfortunately didnt find the answers to my question.

    i recently moved to pakistan and am interested in working at a call center. I had a job interview and before i get called for the second interview i want to know what is the expected salary range for someone who does have 2 years of tele-Marketing experience from canada? what sort of benefits are given? what can an employee demand from the employer?

    lalit tyagi

    See it depend Country to country .In canada if you have expereince in international call center so you must apply to Supervisor or team leader and on indian grond you can expect 2.20 -2.40 Lakh CTC(cost to company).But if you will go for agent or telemarketing executive than you can expect 1.40 to 1.60 Lakh CTC(this is on india ground).Pakistan i dont know what is package call center offering.


    C’mon Mindcrawler!!! From the question you asked I can say your mind doesn’t crawl it actually leaps forward. You like to know so many things in reply to your one question. The call center owners here do not pay you simply because you served in Canada. You will be paid based on your performance. There is going to be a basic salary structure attractive enough to get you in and then there will be incentives in the shape of commission. You should be able to earn some thing like Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 30,000 subject to your successful telesales.

    lalit tyagi

    True,But again if he is having exp ,he can show this exp and can apply for higher post if he is good leader.
    You can make good money crawl.So dont worry about it but true you will not get money as you were getting in Canada may be,So prepare for prepare for hard work also boss.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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