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Setingup Call Center in karachi pakistan

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    Muhammed Asif

    AoA everyone,
    this isnt my feld we are usa based medical supplies CO in since they way advertise maket is going these days now our company is in some need of out bound call center and some inbound with very clear Voice over IP sound quality.
    We are need of some basic information what needs tobe done in legal and technical matter in order to start up small call center for our own use we are not opening the place to provide service to anyelse this is just for our own use just wanted to clear that up. we also looked into get service from some other call center but they are quit expancive and voice quality wasnt very pleasing to us we decided to get our own place and try to get the best out of it hopefuly.
    we are trying have setup for about 5 to 10 seats.
    1- what are the list of Hardware and Software invetory needed per agent
    2- what are the over heads:Realestate rent, VOIP Gateway, interntal Phone system, Wages or saleries. ( speaking voip phone line we got in touch with super phone if anyone have expraince in that let me know and if there is anyone better then that please lat us know and if anyone know how much KBPS is used on each line ) so we can work out what speed of bandwidth we need to get to have best quality.
    3- Legality to setup the business
    4- was trying to find out about auto dilar software where we can watch how the work is done by each agent. and over all the activity that goes on, on everyday bases. i heard about script tel if anyone has used it and have any expriance please advice us.
    5- which will be the best way togo as far as geting internet services from PTCL or multi net ( or if there is anyone else better than both of these companies
    6- what kind of net working needs tobe done for whole setup
    and if i have left anything out that would needs tobe coved please advice us
    7 and pretty soon we will be looking for well english spoken agents which im gona make another post once we decided when we gona start the project
    Thank you everyone great help comes from great ppl look fwd for all the replies

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    Sultan Faiz Chaudhri

    Seems that you are really trying to bang your head against the wall. Under the circumstances I must advise you to let your work out to some good call center and let some experts do this job for you. Running a business as well as running a small call center for that business is not a better preposition. Think over it again.

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    Saeed A. Memon

    I agree with MR. Choudhry.

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    thanks both of you for ur advice well as far as call center goes im not trying to make any extra money out or start as in some kind of business to give anyone a call center services this is our own need. Thing is as you said give your work to someone who is already running an call center but problem is its comming quit expance to give someone a job todo it and not only that i dld some math according to how much its gona run me to setup my own call center and its almost just as same as i would have some call center do our company work about little over 2months SO!!!!! having to hands out one setingup call center for your own needs or given someone job for two months almost the same which one would you go with?!!!!!! i got in touch with everyone in pakistan as far as my needs only place im geting stuck at is networking the call center and what kind of hardware i would need to set it up and im very sure that its not gona be that big of deal if someone can just advice me all the hardware i would need for the call center and what do the normaly use in pakistan to setup a call center after that i can work it out and do my math and hopefuly there wont be any problems at that point on@@@ 2nd my other expances are very low compare to anyone else i have my own place out in pakistan so *no rent to worry about* i already got in touch with super phone they are will to setup there system plus the web based software and predective dialer and as far as computer goes i wouldnt need hi fi computers on each agent desk most cases they only gona be useing yahoo messanger or smething tobe intouch with me at times when needs tobe and PSEB i believe they can get us decent agents as we need so again only place im geting stuck at is network system i just need to find out about voice gatway networking system that they use in pakistan and that is working well over there plus data networking system So if someone can give me bit of there adivce and what they have exprianced that would help alot
    Thank you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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