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stupid employees of PTCL

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    I got a new connection 15 days ago, but our line is block due to (Non pament) from 6 days. I am tried to call to complain center’s our area number 2811200 twice a day, 18 many times, 2571111 2 time but no one want to do Halal job & everyone want just relax and take Haram money… I also tried to call 080044544 or 111202020 but no one can catch the phone….

    kindly give me any solution how could my problem will resolved..

    Sultan Faiz Chaudhri

    Augustine!!! First you need to correct your english. After you have done that, please walk in to the office of Divisional Enginer (Phones) of your area. You will find him very willing and ready to help you (Off course if you have a genuine complaint and a call center of your own). Not only that he will ensure that your call center phone lines are the best lines. And indeed you must pay the telephone bills intime to ensure that your telephone line is not disconnected due to non payment in future. Calling someone stupid for your own fault will not solve the problem.

    From Pakistan

    Mr. Chaudhri it seems you are not in Pakistan. Which PTCL are you talking about. The person is disconnected after 15 days. The first bill will come after two months. How can he pay the bill. Ask the ISPs whether they can work with PTCL without greasing the palm.

    Omer Ali

    Agree with “From Pakistan” PTCL services sux. PTCL so called enginner who comes to fix the lease line problems doesnt even know what remote alarm is and what ip is…
    anyways Augustine try contacing faisal faheem isb billing dpt will post the number l8r on. he can solve your problems regading bills.


    Augustine r u genuine one, or some thing like fake customer from india, who they always trying to create bad impression for pakistan and its assets through out the world. The numbers you posted here i checked out and each time i got response from them. I dont know how calling and asking them stupid. If you r really a customer i being a pakistani citizen i appologize you for inconviniance but be relaxed and try again, but please do not call them stupid and Haram Income.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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