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call center in dubai

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    We are company based out of US looking for call centers in Dubai for a huge outbound calling project with calling into US.


    How many seats do you require?
    Why specifically Dubai?
    Would you consider South Africa


    Hi Spearhead,

    The telco cost would be very high….

    I have posted a string in another article in this forum Dubai vs India…

    Hope that would be helpfull..


    The setup cost along with Infrastructure and HR wud cost you a lot, why not u consider Pakistan as we got accent for US Clientele with IT enablements.

    Saeed Ahmed

    What is the time frame ?


    There is a misconception that South Africa is expensive as far as telco and HR is concerned. Some points to note:
    1)South Africa is a leader in VOIP technology and thus can offer significantly competative telco rates especially to the UK and US.
    2)The labour market is much more flexible and there is a ready pool of skilled labour available at a good price.
    3) We can compete with any country anytime if the facts are presented on the table.
    I would happy to volunteer a comparative between India and SA or Dubai. We want the business and will make it happen!

    Harris Iqbal


    I would be glad to discuss the plus points of South Africa and how it is the “leader” in VoIP. I have lived in South Africa / Zimbabwe myself for 6 years and know every well the quality of human resource available, the fluency in english and the accents. Please be realistic and do not misguide people.

    – Harris



    We are a Dubai Based Company with our Captive 200 Seat Center based in Dubai.

    We would like to discuss your requirements.

    Adam Settles


    As it is all about Dubai and outsourcing oppertunities, i’m a business develomnet Executive of a 350 seat call centre in Dubai, if you are interested to know more about pricing, let me know??

    lalit Tyagi

    Hello Sara
    Can i have your email id.
    We have lot of projects for outbound for USA,UK,Canada.Please do tell us your mail id.we have huge process for outbound for mroe than 200 seats.
    Lalit Tyagi

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    Harris Iqbal


    Any specific reason why you are only considering Dubai?

    – Harris


    I think it is quite true fact that majority of people from Philippines or India or any other country where English is not a native language,cannot speak English like any native speaker. Lets accept the fact. I have been leading/managing teams of multi-national, multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic agents (about 25 nationalities all together). But I am confident that with proper training, feedback and coaching (on customer service and accent) these issues can be easily overcome… but the agents slip back to their natural accent if not properly followed up.

    Best Regards

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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