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Multi -lingual Call centre in Romania

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    I was interestewd in opening a call centre in Romania and have people covering english, french, italian and maybe spanish languages.Can some one give any feedback on this?

    I am now working in a call centre, in romania , working for the UK matket.I have colleagues covering France, Germany, Netherlands,Sweeden,Italy,Spain South Africa all in their native language.So far so good…no complains.Customers seems happy to talk to us and don’t really realize that we are not native speakers.
    Still…if anyone can feedback me on thi…It’s much appreciated.

    Viorica Popescu

    what kind of feed back are you interested in ?
    can you provide me with more details ?
    I’ll try to help you


    Hi .
    I want to set up a call center to cover all the languages mentioned , and toi offer outsourcing services to companies in Romania or abroad.
    I have a team of 10 people and the posibility to have at least 100 inbound calls/hour.Also I want to offer outbound call services both in romania and in the countries covered by the team.
    I have the location to do that, that i own, so there are no rent fees involved.Also i have the internet provider and the technical solution to set it up.
    what i am intersted is to find companies (romanian or foreign) to offer this services to.Due to the fact that I own the location it greatly reduces cost , so servicess are provided aat a very compatitive price.
    Can you give any feedback on what I want to do?Do you know any comapies interested in such services?Can you give me an idea on how I can find customers for these services?
    Thaks ,Diana


    Diana, I am also willing to do something like that in Oradea, but I really don’t know how to start. Maybe we can stay in touch if any of us finds some good ways.


    I am also interested in opening a callcenter in Timisoara, and I am greatful for help were to start. I speak english, romanian, swedish.

    Thank you

    Adrian POP

    Hi Diana,
    First you have to do an offer, to write your technical posibilities, write your people skills and than try to target the companies which would be interested.
    If you have a good price and a good infrastructure is almost sure you will get some clients.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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