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pros and cons

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    i want to know the pros and cons of working in a call centre.can any one guide me?ur personal experiences if shared wil be greatly appreciated.thanx.



    Improve Communication Skills and accent as well.
    Tremendous Confidence Buildup
    Punctuality and Discipline gets to you.
    You get used to teamwork environment and multitasking
    Acquire telephone ettiquette, accurate typing, customer service and sales skills.
    Make money, and grow with the company
    In Pakistan if you are joining the call center industry now, then you can be assure of tremendous career opportunities in the future.

    You have to stay up all night like owls and work western holiday schedules rather than local.
    Be on the phone constantly talking to people, so if you are not a people person, this is not for you.
    Deal with irate customers and be nice to them even if they curse at you.

    Azhar Mahmood

    Your topic is too generic because it does not specify which job title are you talking about, anyways i assume its for the title of Customer Support Representative or what is commenly known as CSR or agents. Apart from what my friend Eddie has mentioned i have some points to shared based on my observations and experience:

    1-In the country where the industry is matured you get a job in a call center because it is one of the largest industries in the world.
    2-In the country where its in introductry stage there are lots of job opportunities and potential for growth.
    3-With were few months of work experience you get the knowledge in so many aspects like culture, history, behaviour of different people.

    1-There are lots of jobs but no potential for growth in the company located in the mature market.
    2-Cultural shock in case of off shore call center. Agent calling from a center located in India or Pakistan will have a longer learning curve in breaking through (making sales) because of the difference in the culture
    3-Result in psychology problems like stress and anxiety.


    need some more information regarding call centres : pros + corns

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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