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Why Ghana is a great destination.

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    Edwin Provencal

    Need to maximize profitability? Setup a call center in Ghana. Why?

    1. Very cheap labor
    2. Good English accent
    3. Courteous people
    4. Qualified and knowledgeable people
    5. Very stable politically
    6. Favorable policies for new businesses.


    he forget to add technically sound, you even have companies that have already started initiating this service.

    Gabrielle Anne

    Besides being good in english, a lot of ghanians are also good in french also there are so many intllectual people.

    Kwaku Amoa

    I am currently living in South Africa but I am originally from Ghana and I would like to know more about possibly setting up a call centre in Ghana. Please send me any relevant information regarding this matter.

    Chantal Mertens

    You already have a company who set up an offshore call center in Accra in 2001. Its name is Rising Data.
    Another huge call center has been created this year by Supra Telecom


    I am setting up a call center for a Telecom organization in Africa and it is 70% complete

    I have front office staff who interface directly with our customers and backoffice stuff who really equip the front office with all the tech skills needed to perform.

    Currently, there are issues regarding salary. Should the front office earn more than the back office staff or vice versa?

    I need advice.

    abena rose

    speak to the tuc, they will better advice you! but if it’s not for the front office, the back office will be out of business. . . i don’t see why they should get more, front office might just stop handing over cases, and therefore wasting more time with one cusomer, instead of more,. . .
    division in ranks, creates sabotage in companies. . .



    Thanks for the reply so I guess they should all be on the same scale.

    Can u kindly espouse sound reasons to support your case?

    I hope you do are not implying that the nurse should also earn the same as the doctor and the cleaner else there will be division which will sabotage the hospital.

    abena rose

    no i’m not saying the nurse should earn the same as the doctor, and having said that, i think you have more or less answered your own question. . .
    is there such a difference in positions? this would be like telling me the bank cashier should get more than the clerk, under the employment grading system, unfortunately they all fall under the same category!


    I need to employ a large call center in Ghana

    i have collateral in Ghana/Accra

    iron lady

    You want to set up a call centre, or run one that’s already established? And how does one contact you?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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