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I need to talk with American accent

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    Sammy (Somasundaram)

    I looking to get rid of my mother tongue accents. it very shameful thing to me. I want to talk with “neutral” (aka American) accent. How I can do this? I am very interested, as is the rest of the younger Indian gend-ration, who aspire to become like the Americans, whom we admire so much because they are so much better than we poor pathetic Indians are. I feel a neutral (aka American) accent will be very beneficial to myself, and to the Indian society as a whole, in that it will make us all feel as if we are living in someplace other than this horrible India, which we all despise so much, and it will give the illusion that we are living in America. I feel this is the greatest contribution that I can make to my country.

    Rajesh BP

    Dear Somasundaram

    Language is the medium to communicate and the accent is the style of communicating.

    trust me, Indians have the most neutral accent and that is why companies world over are opening their centres in India though India is not the cheapest alternative.

    its a fad….so dont break your head about the hype created over american accent. be yourself ….your natural self


    Be proud to be Indian….don’t try to learn an american accent just becos it adds status symbol.You should be ashamed of yourself.


    your an idiot


    Indian government should start a school to make our population get rid of indian accent. Its is shamefull to talk with this accent and I always feel very embarssed. Call centers jobs pay so well in India, all my friends say that life only begins after joining a call center. India has given us nothing and then there is this horrible accent that we get after we are born in this Godforsaken country…. I wish I was in USA.


    I agree 200 % with the opinions of mr sammy, every educated indian feels shame that why he is in india, some call centres are closed due to our thick accent. govt shoud do something for it

    attn: doggy tally

    be proud of who u are son…u are only lucky to be indian…india is gonna rule the world one day…USA has to depend on india to get by

    Vikram Badhwar

    Diaglosia – the inherent ability to switch from an accent, is an inherent part of the Indian Culture. The real skill, if one is interested, is in switching from one accent to another if need be (fun with langauge) and come back to your own space. The skill stops flowing if you get married to a perceived American/British/Australian or Timbuktoo accent, and not have the ability to come back. Just imagine if you can say “Howr u doin?” but cannot say “How are you doing?” Thats another burden to carry.
    Also, you are who your voice is. If there is staccato in your voice, then the same staccato comes in your daily activities, for sure.
    Like everyone mentions, the key is to be yourself and not more American than Americans.



    Indian english accent is good.

    Our commitment and ability to learn and support are excellent.

    We need not immitate American or British accent.

    Just be your self. Learn good english grammer and speak with your nomal accent.

    Worry about the content.

    OH God ! Give the managers some ability do their job better.



    everyone advises here, we should proud on this and that but when we go to abroad specially in USA then we see our price of being an indian, nothing,,,



    For your kind information USA is a place for talent and oppertunity.
    To get to heights you need to be clear, capable, commited, communicative,assretive ……

    most important hard working and honest.

    You got to respect others and be a team player.

    Unfortunately many accept this but when it comes to prectice only certain people implement these. They are the trend setters and leaders and we need to follow them.

    Accent is one aspect. What you are, what you can, what you communicate, and what you do matters more to get the results.

    We all need the results.

    Wish you all the best.



    Indian accent is kinda difficult to comprehend. With all the outsourcing there, people from different countries linked.

    I have seen many complaints then… Perhaps you didn’t know about Jap, Chinese, or simply authentic English consumers struggling to understand a very strong indian accent…

    Abdul Qadir

    The problem you are facing, is a normal issue, in all call centers in asia pacific region. I would recommned you, to speak slowly, so that the customer can understnad your accent. The problem with asia pacific people, are that they speak fastly. And they apply the same rule, while speaking in english. So do speak slowly and do listen to the customer. Just consider it as an conversation, between a customer coming into your own shop. And you have to sell the product, in a respectful, polite way. If you apply,this rule, definitely their are many sales coming on your of luck


    I am sure all of us appreciate that there are many dialects in US English, Arabic, Hindi and so on…

    The point is one should have the ability to speak appropriately based on specific need with the right speed, accent, content and manners.

    In the context of call centers for in bound the requirement and slightly different when compared to out bound.

    The IQ of the agent, the managers support and the promoters support are so essential in the end customers need to get satisfied and in the process business builds.



    I am sure the Jap, Chinese, or simply authentic English consumers will not understand the slangs and dialects from differnt parts of US also.

    How are we / you solving this ?

    Select the agents who have simple, clear English … The words, the sentences, the grammer blah .. blah.. so on and so…

    We need to do same with Indian agents, phillipine agents or that matter Thai agents.

    The crux of the solution is selection, elimination and appropriate training for the right candidates.

    Oh God ! Give these managers , business brokers a sense of beloging and commitment to do their jobs well and build good business benifiting all the concerned.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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