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New venture

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    We are (in 2-4 months) set to launch a new venture in ITES/BPO/CC training. This has to do with UK-based banks and insurance companies opening CC’s (or expanding existing CC’s) in India.

    The deal is as follows – We offer a 6 week course (priced at 70-80k). This includes complete FPC (Financial Planning Certificate) training by a UK trainer, accreditation by the top-UK body for this certification, fees and training material itself.

    Apart from FPC (Parts 1 and 2), the regular CC jazz will also be provided (accent neautralisation, culture, diction etc).

    Now, a student will pay such a large sum of money if (and only if):

    1. The course is worth it (That it is, because UK financial services are governed by a strict set of rules, one of which is that the customer care operator is appropriately trained.)

    2. It is accreditated by an appropriate body(That it is.)

    3. The training is provided by qualified personnel. (We are bringing trainers from the UK.)

    4. There is a reasonable guarentee fof a job that pays (to start with) about 12k, and there are CC’s who have expressed a desire to go in for people who have done this course.

    Hence the reason for this post. We need 2 things:

    1. Partners who can organise such courses in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. (We are open to a JV)

    2. Partners who have links with CC’s; so that we can kickstart the process of convincing CC’s that the lets-go-through-a-placement-consultant route is not the best one.

    If we can convince CC’s to take on people from our course(s), and also get paid in the process (after all, CC’s spend a fortune recruiting staff); then we can pass on this benefit to the students and thereby offer the course at a discounted rate.

    The last benefit to the student is that the top 20% of the class (maybe 5 students) get to go on a fully-paid internship to the UK. (Talks are on with a UK university on this.)

    Please note that we are very keen on this venture, as it is an untapped market. However, we are only looking for ‘branded’ (for lack of a better word) parties. Have got our hands burnt earlier, and will therefore need some solid industry references.


    V Mathur


    We wld be interested in your venture.

    V Mathur


    Mr. Mathur,

    Could you pass on some contact details pls?


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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