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How to divert calls with low call volume

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    Hi, I am based in Australia and I am working for company which has a in house call centre handling 400 calls a day. At this stage, I am analysing the Telcommunciation costs of diverting the calls to a call centre based in Bangalore as part of our outsouring strategy. I would like to know whether a IPLC E1 (2 MB)link will be sufficient and how much will it cost? Are there any other cheaper options, for eg: sharing bandwidth etc?



    James, the bandwidth you require will depend upon many factors, including call dispersion, call holding times, grade-of-service offered to the callers etc. Also affecting the choice will be how you currently receive those calls (1800 number, normal number) and the type of telephone equipment you have. What changes are you willing to make?

    I’m in Aust too, Adelaide. if you want to discuss it further fax me a contact (phone or email or fax)

    My fax is 08 8110 5100

    Saeed Qadri

    It really depends on the algorithm of compression used for voice transfer. you should allocate around 16k — 24 kbps per concurrent call. so if you are handling 10 calls at the same time then you need around 240k. 2 Mbps will be more than enough in my opinion.
    Plus if you are considering outsourcing…then you can have arrangements where the call center would pay for the telco and associated costs


    Hi James,
    Cost is indeed a major component that set forward the economy of the operations,I would really like to put forward a suggestion to you ie You can consider Migrating to VoIP if the destination is US(If you are handling calls & making Calls to US) a VoiP back bone will be apt rather than IPLC. As you are aware VoIP is one of the most emerging & economical medium where in you can maintain the lowest of the cost and the Best of the Voice quality.



    Kris ,

    I understand that voip solutions are far lwoer in quality than IPLC ?

    Is it true ?


    As per my experience 16kbps is sufficient for one workstation. James running outsourced call center (Offshore)web based call center suite is good for you. By this way you can save as much as you can.

    Sam Tomar

    There are some VOIP Gateways
    H.323 , which uses 10 K /line
    It sends 4-5 voice packets into one header , saves 50% IP bandwidth.
    good voice quality , Currently I am using at my Inbound call center in Bombay and it works .
    Good Luck

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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