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India call center business possibilities

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    Siddhartha Debgupta


    I am thinking of getting into the call center business. I am in the US. I am flexible about everything. I would ideally prefer to tie up with existing Indian call centers in some sort of marketing / consulting role either in India or the US or both. I wish to gain familiarity with the various aspects of the business with a longer term goal of starting something independently.

    Kam Patel

    Hi Sid:

    We can offer you what you have written and also offer you technology, VoIp connections and start up business as well.

    our postings are done on this wonderful coordinating website elsewhere also.

    Please do contact us on or call on 917-622-5757


    Kam Patel

    [Moderator’s note: Last time ;-).]


    Mr debgupta

    We are looking for JV/Partnership in setting up a callcenter in india.Preferably in chennai.If interested you can email me at

    Pls note Moderator: I have already paid for the service, it would be nice of you if put this.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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