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25 seats Call Centre in Pakistan

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    Ahsan Azim

    We have just gone live with a 25 seat call/contact centre in Islamabad. Our centre is based on Telephony@work equipment and we have hire a very experienced Chief Operating Officer from Canada to run the show.

    We are currently warming up with small campaigns and are working towards an agressive Marketing Strategy that would enable us to ramp up to 200 seats in the next 6 to 12 months.

    We would like to hear from GURUS what are the best channels/methods for directly aproaching clients instead of going through brokers.

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    Farhan Altaf

    Dear Mr Ahsan

    we are looking for a call center like yours pls give your contact # so we can contact you and proceed further.

    Farhan Altaf

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    HI Ahsan:

    Can you please let me know how well the Telephony@Work solution works for Outbound. It sounds good on paper, but I would like to hear back from anyone who has experience using the system.


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    Mustafa Jalil

    I am also looking forward to invest my money in this business. Can anyone help me out with this?

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    mustafa jalil where and when do you want to open the call center i am based in karachi please publish your contact details so we can work on this.

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    I would like to have your Mail address so we can get on with the correspondence.

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    I am trying to find a call center partner that can cater to OB and IB campaigns in Pakistan.

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    Nadeem Tufail Butt

    I am interested in setting up a call centre I have all the base ready all i need info abt theclient searching and start
    can You help

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    Mustafa Jalil

    Thats A lovely Idea Mr. Nauman. Please do let me know of the details asap. Lets get something Moving over here.
    Looking for a contact asap. Please Furnish your contact details to me.

    [Moderator’s note: Postings where contact detailed need to be exchanged are considered commercial, and the person posting is required to pay a small fee towards our marketing costs. Messages that accepted free of charge on this forum will have contact details removed.]

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    attn: mustafa jalil

    [Moderator’s note: Message removed from the forum.]

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    Mustafa Jalil

    Hmm.. It is a shocking surprise to know that when I havent publish my details why am being asked for Money, and it says in the site itself that if it is a commercial message, it will be charge. One more thing that I would like to add would be that have you guyz not been getting any business or anything? Is that why you are asking to furnish you amounts for nothing like beggars?
    If not then why bother doing all that cheap ass thing?
    And you know what, I am right until I am not getting something good out of you, why the hell would I pay you. So keep rubbing you bottoms as much as you can!

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    The message from attn: mustafa jalil was not posted by anyone in this company, and we would not have used language like that.

    Nevertheless, we have to point out that this is a place for discussion; not advertising. This site is extremely popular, and is not cheap for us to maintain.

    So, if you are looking for business, then you have to share our costs. If you want to enter into a general discussion, then you are welcome to do this for free, because it benefits everyone.

    We make no apologies for this policy.

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    Salam. Well, guess what, you just made my day by saying that this msg was not from some1 in your company but some individual. You know what, I thought the msgs were gone through a check before they are posted. I am absolutely disappointed in the fact that an individual came up from nowhere and said whatever B.S. he wanted to and still that was posted.
    As far as apologies are concerned, I dont have any and dont want any.
    So this actually leaves me speechless now.

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    Yes, I take your point and I have removed the offending message.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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