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VoIP or IPLC ..Compromise or have best

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    Kam Patel

    Hi Folks:

    Basically, all of them who have used and received VoIP calls, will definitely agree that if they are on the other end in USA or UK or anywhere and receive a call from India or Phillipines or Malaysia on VoIP they will surely say:
    COME ON MAN HOW CAN THEY SURVIVE WITH SUCH VOICE QUALITY, when they have to talk to customers…… This is the level of feeling, I have come across in more than 200 surveyed calls in the last 60 days to establish the fact whether for Predictive Dialers we should recommend VoIP or not.

    Ultimately our conclusion, is that we do not recommend VoIP, inspite of all the facts and figures promoted by the VoIP providers that it works, it works, OK OK, nothing much of a difference is there, then why should a customer pay so much more on IPLC etc etc.

    But here are the fact that a call center should look at , when they decide for IPLC or VoIP:

    a) What is the ultimate goal in Call Center business:
    :::: Is it to earn more satisfactorily or to keep on struggling with Voice Quality and ultimately be there where they were in the first three months even after 18 or 24 months…… BECAUSE IT IS BASICALLY THE VOICE QUALITY THAT BUILDS UP THE BASIC PRESUMED IMAGE OF QUALITY OF YOUR CALL CENTER

    b) If you do not have basic voice quality at its best, how do you visulize to serve the customers in the best manner possible when:
    i) The cultures are different and agents struggle to meet those ends

    ii) In most of the centers because of the misunderstanding of the competetion and not being able to keep pace with the competetion, the rates are being undercutted drastically and ultimately the calling agents are being paid approxmiately between Rs. 8000 to Rs. 11,000 in India and in the morning the agent has the same tension to go back to his home by bus and be haggering with all those usual worries …… then how do they give best results, on TOP OF IT IS THE VOICE QUALITY PRETTY UNDERMINED BECAUSE OF VoIP…. combined result…

    iii) When 75% of the present calling agents still struggle for catching up with the pitch, tone, confident calling matters, I FEEL ATLEAST THE VOICE QUALITY SHOULD BE THE BEST.

    iv) Everybody will agree that tele-marketing response is between 2 to 4% on an average, which means 96% donot respond encouragingly due to various reasons, on top of that if VoIP has to play its own role, the ratios will reduce and WHO IS THE ULTIMATE LOOSER ?? obvioulsy the call center owner, who at times realizes this after 24 to 30 months, by the time the interest burden on capital mounts up to be extremely high, so why not go for BEST VOICE QUALITY, WHEN BASIC CLARITY IS SO IMPORTANT ALL THROUGH THE WAY.

    iv) The difference in IPLC and VoIP some times sounds to me like :
    when you have premium relatives or guests at home, you buy Seedless Grapes
    EVERYTHING IS THE SAME IT IS THE ABOVE DIFFERENCE THAT MATTERS, when you want to have the best and in CUSTOMER RELATIONS “THESE BESTS” ARE THE BASICS especially for a call center operating from overseas.

    We are not operating or promoting IPLC providers association, but expressing our feelings that results from having recieved lots of VoIP based calls and helping C.C. to have the best through the best Predictive Dialers.

    Kam Patel

    Farhan Liaquat

    Agree to the most of things in the article, but isn’t it so if increase the bandwidth for VoIP it will give the same performance as per the IPLC. What other difference is there other than the bandwith.




    hi Patel!
    please let me know what is cost difference b/w iplc and voip. and what is v.quality differnce in % between two.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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