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Steps to ensure CC in India stays in biz

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    Ten Steps to ensure your Call Center stays in business in India.

    1.Hiring the Right Associates.
    2.Providing the Right Training for the Associates.
    3.Providing the Right Tools for servicing Customer Calls.
    4.Right Technology for your Call Center.
    5.Right Pricing to stay competitive.
    6.Attracting the Right Customers.
    7.Retaining Both your Customers and your Associates.
    8.Managing with a Strategic Vision.
    9.Managing Attrition.
    10.Retraining/ReTooling for Success.

    Hiring the Right Associates

    Associates are the most important capital in every call center. Hiring the right associates with the right skillset is vital to ensuring the success of the call center. The Quality of the service provided by a call center is indicated by how the associates handle the calls with customers. The associate is your company’s face to the customer. The associate can really make or break a company’s brand. Hence call center companies need to pay the utmost attention to the quality of the associate. The key ingredients in identifying the right person may include language testing, reasoning abilities, intelligence and emotional quotients, apart from the standard minimum educational requirements.

    Providing the Right Training for the Associates

    Training associates prepares them to handle calls from the customers. And providing the right training gives associates with the confidence required to service the customer in a professional way. This may include providing the specialized training for inbound, outbound, telemarketing, help desk, product support types of situations. Training should also include extensive voice, accent and cultural training as the situation requires. Any type of systems or knowledge base training may also be additionally required to handle specialty calls.

    Providing the Right Tools for servicing Customer Calls

    Associates require the right tools to do their job. These tools include the right computer, system support, supervisory team, knowledge and help systems. Providing Web based help systems have proven much more efficient than paper manuals to helping associates handle calls. Access to information required by the associates needs to be fast. The faster the associates can get the information the customer needs the better it is in terms of the Call Handle Time. Shorter call handle times increase productivity of the call center as a whole in terms of the number of calls they can handle.

    Right Technology for your Call Center

    Choosing the appropriate technology to need your customers business requirements and managing your business is essential to your call center’s success. Having a well staffed and qualified 24/7 IT department may be a requirement to maintaining all your technology depending on your clients needs. An IT help desk to assist with dealing issues that arise from associates desktops can sometimes help maintain the order and sanity of a call center. A lot of emphasis is placed by customers on a call center’s redundcy plans or failover capabilities. Picking out the right technology for everything from bandwidth to associate desktops to security policies to data backup/recovery strategies is essential for a call center’s success.

    Right Pricing to Stay Competitive

    A variable value based pricing strategy is key ensuring that your business stays successful in the long haul. A strategy that not only takes care of your bottom line but also the customers as well. The pricing needs to stay flexible enough to stay competitive in the market place. There is a lot of different pricing models in the market right now and one is not necessarily better than the other. It varies from pricing based on calls per productive hour to per call rate to fixed associate rates to call volume based prices. Although when bidding is involved, the customer requires a common baseline to enable them to compare the prices.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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