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Transferred Calls and ASA

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    Timothy Curley

    In a Call Centre environment where calls are occasionally transfered after answer into other queue’s – is there an “industry standard” as to how these calls are counted? Should a transfered call count as 2 calls – with 2 seperate ASA’s – one to how measure how quickly it is answered in the second queue – or is it generally accepted that from Customer to Call Centre is one call and counted once only regardless of how often it may be transferred internally?



    If you only count them once, you wont have enough resources to deal with the calls that are transferred.

    I would suggest two calls, two handle times, 2 ASAs. Two ASAs will help you to see teams that are under-resourced etc

    Perhaps ask yourself, would you view this differently if you were looking at this if you sent the call to the team further up the floor to sending the call to a team on another site altogether. If you were on another site you would count it separately probably without even thinking about it ?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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