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retention of employees at call centres

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    hi. i’m doing a project on call centres and was wondering if anyone could tell me about employee retention in call centres.

    Emma Duke

    I am too, Barclays Contact Centre.
    Having problems accumulating enough academic references that are required. Have you found any good websites?

    Vishal Gupta

    Hi chelna,
    I am also taking up “Hiring and retention of employees” as my project for my MBA(HR).
    If you have collected some data or have some information on my project, you can contact me at the below given email address.

    Kassim Nogahela

    I am a newly appointed Call Centre Supervisor in a newly established Telecommunications Call Centre at Dar es Salaam, Tanzania(East Africa);I would like to have some basic guides on key resposibilities for the supervisor to a call centre become a profit centre.

    curtis star

    The secret to retaining employees and also maintaining a profitable call centre all lies in the basic and ongoing training that is provided to employees.

    Employees must really feel a part of the team and should value their job. This is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure that their employees enjoy what they are doing, are working in a happy environment and are showered with rewards for good performance. Reward good performance and encourage employees to do better if they perform badly.


    For more info email me

    Indrani Bose

    One of the things that I , as a Resource Planner has adopted is to reward execellence with a customised roster of the Agent’s choice. This leaves them happy and they strive to do better in order to get another customised schedule.


    I regret for not coming to this forum earlier. I’m working on my dissertation(MBA) on Motivation in Call Center. Believe it would relate to retention some how. Deadline is reaching and panicking. Care to exchange info to enhance on findinds? I gathered quite a bit of useful info in Call Center Council

    Saeed Qadri

    Continuos training
    well defined and publicised Incentives
    Medical and insurance covers
    Customized roster
    internal job postings for management positions

    All these have helped us a lot in retention.

    Saeed Qadri


    hello, i am doing a masters in human resource management and my dissertation phase is approaching, was wandering if anyone could give meninformation on employee retention in call centres. maybe we can exchange ideas and literature!

    Brandon Mudhray – SA

    Hi,Rention can only be sucessfull if staff are happy and passionate at what they do. Money drives but smiles bring them to work the next day. Try new ideas to motivate and reward them, good and bad, and spend more time on the floor being one of them…this will increase your chance of getting to know your staff thereby understanding what they want…


    Hi i am sireesha
    i am doing my MBA (HR) from Osmania university.i am doing a project on employee retention
    i think you have done the project on the same topic. Could any one of you kindly give the necessary material regarding the employee retention?. I you can do that help for me, i may be very happy. please send me the necessary material and report to my mail ID siri_sbhatla

    thank you

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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