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    I need help trying to determine how many reps I have per hour each hour of the day. I manage a call center that is open 8am-10pm 7 days p/wk. I stagger the shift start times and all reps are fulltime. I need to determine, based on my schedule and break schedule, how many reps I should have on the phones each hour. Short of adding up headcount and subtracting the # of breaks/lunches…is there software I can create? CAn I create something in Excel to help me figure this out?


    Hi Teri,

    I know you question, but you need to provide the following information first:
    1. How many trunks you have in your call center?
    2. What is the average call holding time?
    3. What is the presumable call waiting time?
    4. What is GOS?



    I may have not stated my question well. I have 30+ reps that are scheduled to work various shifts each day. Of course, each rep has a break schedule. My concern is that I do not know exactly how many reps I have on the phones at any given time. Short of adding up how many people should be in each hour, then subtracting the amount that are on break…I don’t have a better system. Put simply, if someone was to ask me how many reps do you have on the phones at 12:30 on a Monday…I would have to count…


    You only give the number of reps that you have. In order to count the reps at any given time, it does not relate to any calculation of BHCA since some of reps may not have any call answering.

    How about put the question in the other way to ask? Do you have daily profile of call attempts and call answer? From those figures you can guest number of reps in any given time.


    I would suggest that if you cannot see in real time how many staff that you have, that your ACD/phine system isnt up to much.

    To be able to tell how many staff you need,
    a) identify the quantity of calls you receive per half hour. historical data should provide you with this, try averaging this over time and look for seasonal and individual day changes.
    b) identify the call handle time, this may vary during the day as people get tired or the type of transaction vary. Handle time is talk time+wrap time+hold time. Hold time is the time a caller spends on hold when the agent is referring or looking up details and presses the hold button. hold time often isnt included in talk time. If an inbound call generates an outbound call include this time as well if not picked up in wrap time.
    c) Identify what level of service you wish to provide, to do this identify how important each call is to you, if each call generates $10 and staff cost $5 an hour, you ideally want a very high service standard and vice versa.

    d) then use an erlang calculator to work on the resources you need per half.

    e) then schedule your staff.

    f) you may find that part time staff help you to deal with the peak and troughs in call volumes over the day better than full time staff will.


    Cost for seting up any call centre in city Mmbai is very high. In India another option is available now. Goa is planning to set up IT park. If any company wants to start call centr or similer kind of activity in Goa it is best option. This option is very cost effective.

    Abdulhameed Mishkhas

    i want to know what is the minimum breaks between shift ends and shift starts for agents

    Shiva Prasad

    We have started a 15 Seater Call center and training the agents in Voice process. I want to know what designation the calling agents are to be given in the organisation Any minimum pay suggested?

    Roberto Maserati

    Hi Teri

    Your ACD should provide this info. If it doesn’t then a simple spreadsheet should help you to calculate the number of staff you have working in your business at any given hour/½ hour of the day.

    This does however mean that you are reliant on your staff to go on breaks and lunches at the specified time which we all know is not always possible.

    There are other alternatives which include:

    1. Purchase an ACD that can provide this info.

    2. Purchase a WFM tool that will help you to forecast your requirements, schedule your staff and track their adherence to schedules.

    3. Buy a tracking tool that your advisors can use to log in/out each time they come into or leave the work area.

    All of these options may prove too costly for such a small operation, so I guess this very much depends on how critical is having this knowedge is to the success of your business.

    On a final note, if a spreadsheet is what you are looking for, then I would be happy to help you to design one at no cost to you or your business.

    Kind regards



    Hi Terry
    I’m using a software called Ccsupervision from Alcatel, this enable you to see in real time the number of agents logged, the current status of the agents and you can even retrieve some useful report to see your Service level, your answear rate and much more

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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