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Agent Trainee Questions

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    Iam presently training under a new call center in Asia where Western companies outsource. I would like to receive suggestions and answers to possible trick/test questions that I would receive in a simulation test. Anyone kind enough to share their experiences?

    I only know of possible test scenarios/questions to agents/Reps like, “Are you asian?”(You are catering to Westerners); “Give me your full name”; “I would like to get your telephone # pls”; and other questions not pertaining to the product. PLease! help me!


    Sure… I am a Call Center Trainer.
    1. What is your response when the customer says, “I am not interested”?

    2. If the customer asks you a technical question that you not know the answer for, what will be your response?

    3. What are some basic things you should know about USA customers? What is the best source for quickly finding this information? Look up USA weather, food, business, news, and family on the Internet.

    Courageous decisions are the basis of success. Be confident.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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