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Categories of Call centers????

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    In India we have so many call centers. While in Delhi, I observed that call centers can be classified as:

    Class A- These are originally from US, UK, etc and have their own setup or 100% subsidiaries in India. These guys obviously have a lot of money to spent.
    Class B- These call centers are backed by big Indian business houses (looking out for the extra dough). Generally what happens is the same thing…..Indianization at all levels including management practices and standards.
    Class C- After the set up of a call center can be managed as far as investment is concerned (just as everything under the sun can be.) These call centers are very stingy the owners make lots of money and the agents die because the owner of the set up forgot that investment is not only to be done for the dialer, headsets and other intallations, but also has to be done for the welfare activities of the employees….TAKING CARE OF EMPLOYEES….

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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