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    The other day someone told me that most of the youngsters who work in call center industry work for higher education. No..I have seen many youngsters from middle class background who loose focus on life itself, enter all sorts of bad habits, alcohol, drinking, womanizing and the likes because of-
    1. So much cash in hand so fast.
    2. So many night outs, parties (organized by most call centers)
    3.The first 10 things that a person might buy varies with age group. And purchasing decision generally matures with age.
    Most of the agents come from urban middle class background, generally they are kids from public school background open to working in night shifts, because they are aware of the BETTER THINGS IN LIFE but have till then not been able to have those because of lack of resources. Obviously I do not intend to generalize this, but that has been my observation.
    Secondly, is our urban middle class, which is not adult enough to control eve teasing and needs constant censorship to avoid excessive consumerism in our newly evolved concept of market economy, yet ready for such a high amount of purchasing power in the hands of youngsters. Let us not forget that social scenarios, ethics and values are different in our country in comparison to US (from where the whole concept of call centers emerged.)

    How many of these agents get time to study, even for higher studies?

    Do these call centers know that they have landed up with the future of this country? I believe that other than just giving them training to result in more sales, better customer service or better process specific supervisory skills, they should focus on their overall professional growth (Like GE does- MBA for employees).

    Yes! I do understand that call centers are business houses (most of them entering it because they want more earnings, more dollars,…) and that they can’t exactly become CONVENT schools, but still MAYBE….

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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