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Call centre harrasing employees

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    Sumita Mathur

    Hi All,

    I was working for [Removed by moderator], one of the largest call centers in Delhi region in India.

    I left the company giving a proper notice period and performing my duties for that period.

    My papers have still not been processed by the company due to the ignorance of my Team Leader.

    Now the case is stuck as the papers have not reached the HR deptt. and no-one takes the responsibility, my TL on the other hand does not bother to respond to my calls or come on the phone when I try to contact.

    This is a clear case of irrresponsible behaviour and has resulted in my salary for 1.5 months being stuck up with the company and also my releiving papers.

    I am now of the feeling that it would have been better to just leave the job after taking my last months salary without informing the company. My sincerity has caused me to suffer.


    Vishal Jhamb


    It is very unfortunate that this happened with you, but it is not wise to talk about this on an open forum. We all understand your frustration, yet the call center industry is very limited, People know one another by the first name. Please request the ansapoint team to remove this message from the forum in the interest of all. Name dropping can result in serious legal problems for both the forum and you.

    Vishal Jhamb
    Signature Consulting


    Thank you very much Vishal for the advise, but I am sure you will understand that such deeds should be brought to the public notice so that all are aware of the industry standards and dealings. I think an open forum is the best way towards this and am surprised by your reply. I do not see what legal implications can arise, and even if they do, they should, as treating an ex-employee with respect is what all organisations and it’s employees should learn to appreciate. Fustration is not a one day affair, but a result of repeated such occurances. Anyway, I do not want to discuss this further, my objective was only to make people aware and it should end there, rest everyone is wise enough in todays world.

    Manoj Matai

    Dear Sumita,

    I couldn’t have agreed with you more. This industry has seen extremely rapid rise and fall, which has brought lot of un-proffessionalism within certain organizations many of which are moving to near-closure.

    We, the workers in this segment, need to discuss such incidents in open, so as to make things more transparent and also deter re-occurance of such incidents.

    Best wishes,

    Manoj Matai


    Hi Manoj,
    Your idea is nice, but possible only if you take the written responsibilty for the consequences 🙂
    For that i think ansapoint have to start some membership scheme to discuss such things between the members (under TOC)
    hmmmm! I am waiting for the day when ansapoint start accepting Rs in cheque/cash.i am not interested to use credit card on net. May be thats my phobia.

    [Webmaster’s note: I don’t think that will happen. Adverts on this forum are very low price (GBP 4.95) It costs us more than that to present a foreign cheque, but for credit card transactions, we only lose 4%.]


    The point of focus in this forum is now not an exception in the industry but more regular. But we just cannot blame any particular organization or individual for these kind of situations, cos on the flip side a lot of players in the market also loose on these grounds when employees quit without appropriate notice. We all need to understand that planning and execution is the most validity logistic involved in the call center industry, and human resource handling is a major point of concern for every organization in the industry now. Not to take away any light from the point sumitra wanted to bring into focus, still we have to ensure that the tide is even on both the sides of the shore……..

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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