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virtual call centers

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    I am interested in setting up a virtual piece in addition to our physical call center. What works best?

    palani balasundaram

    Dear Marsha,
    Can u give ur requirement in detail which would be more helpful to reply


    I would be interested in know ing more about it.

    We are exploring to set up a call center and related infrastructure and are looking for a partner.

    You may please contact me.

    Palani Balasundaram

    I would be interested in looking you as a partner sanjeev.
    soon i will give my contact info here in this forum which should help you in contacting me by my mail.


    Hello Sanjeev,
    Where do you want start call center? and whats the size is in your mind? Do you have any prospective compaign / job for cc in hand?
    you can find my email 22 june “consultants for setting up call center”.
    There are lots more to be (few technical and others systematic planning depending on resources and market demand)understood before you proceed


    Hi to All,

    Can anybody here guide me in starting a call center. Please guide me anyone how to start call center and how to get the US companies to tie up with the call center, which I feel will be the revenue part.

    Chris Collings

    I am looking for software and a probably a hosting company that I can link from my web site. Here a user can click a button to call support by the phone The server would then call the user first, then call the support team then hook them together. Can you advise?


    Palani Balasundaram

    Hi Mohsin,

    There three basic things which would help in the success of the call centers.
    a)A good Telecommunication Setup.
    b)Good source of Agents
    c)Good Marketing Plan with Infrastructure.

    So Mohsin, anyone who has to start a call centre would have to know whether he can able to afford all this three.(This is applicable even to serve the local market).
    Once you have good infrastructure inplace, then starts the marketing, because if your expectations are clients from USA, they would definitely like to know the facility that you have.

    There are lot more details, involving the selection of the technology, selection of the systems, selection of the software, which plays additional part in the successful and profitable operation of a call center.

    Intially it is better to go along with WebBased Call Center, which would fetch much lesser revenues compared to Voice based call centers, but which have much lesser risk. Your infrastructure should be capable to handle both WebBased and Telephonic based Call centers.

    And in Telephonic Based Call Centers, it is always advisable to initially go with Outgoing calls and probably after an year or so, once we are confident of handling calls, we can get into Incoming Calls which is very Lucrative.
    Hope this details help you.


    Hey Sanjeev and palani!
    Once u guys get in touch and decide to set up a call centre, u can get in touch with me. I can provide help in setting it up.


    Hi Namrata & Palani,

    Thanks for your reply. Is there anyway which we can start communication other than this forum board. How to contact you. Do you have an email address or telephone number.

    [Webmaster’s note: Postings where email addresses need to be exchanged are considered commercial, and the person posting is requested to pay a small fee towards our marketing costs. Messages that accepted free of charge on this forum will have contact details removed.]


    Hi Palani,

    I look forward to get your contact details. I could not find the message on this forum as mentioned above by you.


    hello mohsin,
    I agree with bala. but one more important thing which is uninterrupted powersuplly.
    Yes you can use DG Set anywhere but if loadshedding is too much then cost occured on maintainence and running cost you have to consider( ie three shift staff for DG set, fuel, maintainenc etc.)
    i can guide you start a call center.
    smahexz y.c

    Palani Balasundaram

    Hello Mohsin,sanjeev and Namrata,
    I am sorry for the delay in giving my contact details.
    I will soon give it.

    Javed Siddique

    Dear All,

    I just came across this site thru a search done on Call centres. I find this site pretty informative and active too.

    Well I myself am from the software field having vast and indepth experience and would now like to start a Call Centre in Mumbai, India from a medium scale to grow up to a pretty sizeable scale and I am looking for partners have relevant skills in this field for the same.

    Regards to all,

    Javed Siddique


    I’m not with Bala on at least one aspect.The risk involved in a web based contact center against a voice center is not directly proportional to the cost.Based on the current situation in US and Europe,the chances of getting a customer in web channels is remote.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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