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Consultants for setting up call centers

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    J Katz

    I am interested in finding out what the annual cost for running a call center of 100 seats doing both inbound and outbound would be.
    Also what would be the cost of purchasing or setting up such a center


    Much depends upon how you want to structure your business model. If you want to have a low initial cost and a high operation cost, the initial cost for 100 seats would be US$1,000. I you are talking about a 100 seats with a low operation cost, you are looking at an initial cost of US$ 500,000. Once again depends upon the location where you would like to setup this call center.


    whats up man well trying to do this project. better take an advice from a highly professional of this field regarding what u want all this are just big dumbo’s all this fools cant do any thing they have taken such degree’s but all this are use less fellow’s nothaving a bit of knowledge,well try ur best , best of luck go ahead bye catch u never coz i am not much educated lol…..


    How do you setup different channels of client serving like, web, mail, fax etc…and an outbound call center, the current setup is all cisco enviroment, with ICM, Unity and Call manager. Any idea. thanks guys

    Kam Patel

    Hi All:

    We guide people irresepective of any factor if somebody wants to understand the vast development of technology in the ASP model of the Call Centers, as it removes the myth of having call centers with huge investments.

    No commercial interst in this matter, but do not send lengthy questions.

    Darshan Gajiwala

    Dear mr Vishal Jhambe and all other consultants out there
    I want to setup A 24 seater call center in mumbai on lease which could be expandable in future. With inbound and outbound campaigns. Please send in your quotation meeting the budget of 20 laks INR For first month with setup to get started with will invest more if needed.And no compromise in Quality and Techonology.I will be operating from usa so also will need a managament team in India.

    and Question Do you think Call Center Industry is a boom Industry for India Or it wil survive in the long run.


Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)
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