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new callcentre

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    What are the requirements to put up a call centre. and can any one help me in getting projects for this from abroad ??????



    What are the requirements to put up a call centre. and can any one help me in disigning the infrastructure including all s/w and hardwares including all details ??????


    hi guys,
    both asking about requirments. I would like to know whats your plan? requirments changes according to size,type and quality of call center.

    Palani Balasundaram

    Hello Richard and Rajashekara chary,

    AS Mr.Hurrey as pointed out the requirements varies according to the business plan. What is the kind of call center you are planning to setup, whether is it going to be inbound or Outgoing?

    The number of agents to be employed, the amount to be invested in settingup, etc..


    basically we have palan start of with of some technical product and general cc

    about 20 desks

    regarding plan you have to suggest us



    We may have something in common.We would like to collaborate to set up a call center in India for with someone who has regular access to business.

    Reply back if you would be interested in further discussing the matter.


    Hi raj,
    thats very hazy description of your plan, still i am not able suggest anything good to you unless given some more details.

    Vishal Jhamb

    The cost of setting up a state of an art Facility in India ( On Rent ) with Minimum 48 Seats ( 2 T1’s ) is approx 6 Lacs INR Per Seat ( End to End ) with a moderate technology blend and 2 Months working Capital in place.

    The information required is the following:
    General salaries of people in a Call Center:
    . Agent 8000 – 14000 P.M
    . Team Leader 15000 – 20000

    . Supervisor 25000 – 35000 P.M

    . Contact Center Manager 35000 – 50000 P.M

    . IT support ( Facility Management is usually available for 4-5000 US $ P.M

    . Trainer 30000 – 40000 P.M

    . Project Manager 30000 P.M ( Usually Campaign Manager )

    . HR person 20000 – 30000 P.M

    . Financial person ( Sr, Manager ) 30000-35000 P.M

    . Clerical 12 – 15000 P.M

    . Sales ( BDM ) 30 – 40000 P.M

    All figures are Ball park + Pick up and Drop & Food on shift

    . Churn rate per year 20% P.M

    Vishal Jhamb


    hello vishal,
    Very usefull details.
    can you elaborate IT support?
    warm thanks,

    Vishal Jhamb

    It support is essentially Both Ends. Indian end is for Mux onward and US End is Co-lo. Telecom costs are extremely steep. They eat up close to 1/3 Of Operating costs. Indian end is only Mux handling and Integration, The US End Telco ( RBOC ) is approx. 1.5 US$ Per Hour per seat from India if U take cost at 2.2 Cents per Minute. But if some call center can offer billing committment then it comes down in a sliding scale. on a Billing committment of 25K US$ You may get a rate of close to 1.9 Cents per minute. All depands on the No. of hours and agents calling in a particuler month. Anything else, you may post it here.

    Vishal J

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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