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Accent training

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    Pankaj Garg

    Hi Testha and Pooja,
    You can take British Council’s OR “netspaceacademy”
    Accent training classes for British accent if you are in Delhi. You can type the full word as a single word and see on web

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    hello all

    I am a trainer and wanted to know what salaries can a trainer command in a call center if they have a good experience and are competent to design different modules?? what are the different modules they train on?? any inputs??

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    anupam dutt jha

    hi all,
    i am looking for a trainer on concept i.e product,services,customer,marketing,sales etc. can anyone be help to me in this context.

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    Gunjan Shaligram

    I think this is pretty interesting a page to read, but I’d like to specify that noone wrote about getting a job as a trainer.I have a very good accent, and knowledge complimented with a good amount of experience(but not as a trainer, officially).I have trained a lot of fellow employees, not as a part of my job profile.Where can I look around for info on the same…

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    Hi ! I am Vineet. Manager of a U.S software company with the development wing here in delhi. The problem is that my siftware engineers are lacking in good english comminication skills, which leads to a communication gap when they talk and deal with our U.S clients.So i am looking for some organisation training support or some traineretc whereby someone could come over and train our software engineers and improve their communication skills.

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    anupam dutt jha

    what a call centre companies look in an individual before recruitment.what is the most important aspect of training for call centre.

    do need help in this regard.any information in this respect will be helping my cause.

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    hi Palani,

    Thanks for the information. I will look into it.


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    hey vineet,
    u said u wanted help with ur software engineers being helped with basic language skills and also conversational skills. well, i can help. what r the nos u r looking at? what is the time frame? wud u want an inhouse trng program or wud ur people come to bangalore. I am based here. do lemme know and send me ur mail id. we can take it from there.

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    i am looking for training to be a accent traier in delhi. can any one help.

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    It might be a good idea of you learn English grammar and spelling before you start pretending to be a trainer.

    Is this forum just full of chancers?

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    Hi sceptic
    i am looking for voice training & not grammar training.i thought this was a forum where people help each other instaed of finding faults.
    Gentleman/lady if u can help fine ,if not let someone else show the way

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    I can’t help you with your accent, but I can suggest you refocus your efforts.

    I live in the UK. If I call a contact centre, I am often answered in India; for example, if I buy airline tickets.

    I don’t care if the person I am talking to speaks English with an accent. The Western world is multi-cultural, and differing accents no longer raise eyebrows. But, I do care if the person I am talking to cannot speak good English – there is a big difference.

    So, rather than focusing on attaining a mid-Atlantic accent, why not channel your efforts into effective communication?

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    Gaurav kapoor

    hi all ,
    I am working in al call center from last 3-4 yrs,I have lot of knowladge about voice and accent.Probably I can be of great help for those who are really intrested in voice and accent training for more info and details u can write to me here only i will try to help best

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    Gaurav kapoor

    hi sceptic,
    what do u think is the most benificial method fr us to improve accent and focusing on call qualities ,send if any links or any usefull information if u have ~gaurav

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    hi gaurav
    can u suggest any websites or links which can provide direction or traing on how to be a callcentre trainer on businespractices as also on skills in accent training.

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