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Handling International Calls

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    Lokesh Patel

    Dear Sir,

    Can anyone guide me about international call procedure.

    Following is my query :

    We are setting up call centre in India.

    Want to process orders for one company in UK.

    0800 is the toll free number there which will be circulated.

    My query is that how I am going to receive calls in India & what all infrastructure is required.


    Since the calls will be originating from UK and terminating/landing up in INDIA. As of now we have a single international gateway for all voice calls in INDIA and all calls are routed through this gateway. But once the calls land on our gateway in INDIA , there will be no problem for the calls to route to your call center in INDIA. So nothing much is required from INDIA except some connectivity and muxes for the IPLC and of course your Call Center needs to be in place and equipped with all the infrastructure.

    As far as INDIA is concerned , we r still developing on the concept of TOLL FREE NUMBERS. We have a level of 1600-XXXX in INDIA. This may come as a surprise to u , WE DO NOT HAVE NATIONAL ( WITHIN INDIA ) TOLL FREE NUMBER IN INDIA YET. But with the entry of private long distance service providers , this facility of NATIONAL TOLL FREE is promised by them. Let us see how soon we can have it.

    I hope I have cleared all your doubts/queries/concerns. In case u have more queries , please feel free to get in touch with me.

    Sanjay Bangroo


    The answer for ur querry is that u need to have an IPLC between UK and India in place , this IPLC u can get from Service Provider like BT in UK and VSNL in India ,to terminate this IPLC u need Mux at both the ends.
    Again in UK end all toll free calls will terminate to the mux through E1 provided by SP there and the calls will land to India to the ACD which will intelligently distribute it the call agents as per the defined business logic.


    Hi lokesh,

    What anand is saying is good. That is the best solution.


    Sathi Reddy

    As for as your requiremnet is concerned..u need to have IPLC link between two countries and u have MUX in the both ends.You can take IPLC link form vsnl office ,india.In the indian side u have to set up all the requirments .If u have any queries regarding this contact me on my mail address or phone.


    why not ask BT for India end too as they already have a network laid down from Mumbai to all over India

    Anand Prakash

    Dear Lokesh

    Hope u must have got the solution for your International call centre till date if u r still evaluating technology for your requirement then i would suggest to go IP way because after IP telephony deregulation lot of good thins are going to happen on IP front .
    You can contact Local Cisco Guys to get more information regarding this offering from Cisco for Contact centre.

    Anand Prakash

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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