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Cost per call

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    Well, even i am presently working on that issue. but i am working on a much wider roll, i am working on Cost per hour basis, for the call center operations, and for that basic development cost is taken,

    for that purpose i have take total yearly depreciation that the company is charging in its balance sheet + a percentage of cost taken as replacement cost, and some percentage as infrastructure maintainence cost, after that i have taken up entire expenses and divided by the no. of total man hours to arrive cost per hour basis,

    Shinta Octavia

    Thanks for your help, friends!
    I just wanna know how call center industry calculate it. The basic formula is total fixed cost and operational expense divided by total call volume. But what kind of cost categorized as fixed cost that every company should define depend on their accounting practices.
    Is there call center international standart for call center performance measurement like ISO. So call center industry have the same definition when we talk about something.
    Thank you


    Hi everybody,
    I have read most of the articals on this forum but could not find aneone talking abput the cost calculations of a new cc ie a project which is yet to start and would not know the right figs of exp and also the inflow of calls.I would like someone of you guys who have somuch knowledg on this ssubject to pl help me ,I specially call mr Vishal for this pl also let me know how to derive coststo present to the clients

    Bhavesh shah

    anil says that normal rate for CC per minute is $.50 – .80
    i.e. Rs. 25 atleast per minute !

    How paging operators & other help desk service operators ,
    charge only Rs. 6/- per call (not per minute)

    only diff. to add is the leased line from US to India & HW required.
    but that is to amortise within total no. of minutes per year. I do not think
    that should be more Rs. 4/- call

    paging operators are also good in english & we can train them once for accent .

    pls. comment


    For new CC the best way to approach this is to have a call volume lower barrier penalty.

    This means for example that you need to work out that to stay in profit you need 100000 calls per month (based on a per call contract). You get the client to supply you with 3 months worth of volume forecasts. If the volume falls below their forcasted amount then you charge them for 90% of forecast per month.

    If they under estimate their forecasts then you wont meet your SLA’s but you can say that you stffed according to forecast and so they would be to blame.

    hope this helps

    Hanna Mezzo


    does anyone know how call centers charge the company when it outsources its operations to a call center? Per minute? Per call?



    Good discussions and suggestions. For anyone who would like to borrow from experts in this area, I would suggest contacting work force administrators and or accounting folks in the established Telecom industry (the former Bell companies) they are truly expert at this. I speak from experience.
    They would typically use a “fully loaded labor rate” for a job title, that would include the appropriate level of allocated fixed and variable expenses along with the average wage for the job title. Then they would probably divide by the total calls handled. (Not offered). I’m working on this issue in a very small company now and it’s hard to get my arms around the allocated expense. I’m starting with wages+ benefits.


    cost per call would be calcualted by:

    (Total numbers of hours scheduled for period * average pay rate+fringe calcualation for period)/total number of calls handled for period

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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