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Setting up a call center

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    I want to know about a company who can provide us the infrastructure & technology for setting call center in India.

    I would also like to know about any USA/UK company who is interested in opening up a call center in India.

    Mel G.

    I am looking to set up one of the first outsourcing call centers in Sri Lanka to service UK ans USA customers. We are getting tax free and duty free concessions with other benefits from the government. We will be using VOIP to terminate the calls into the call center since it is legal to do so in this context and the technology has been proven and using Avaya as our ACD platform.

    What I need help in is two things.
    1. Who has good accent training programs for agents.
    2. Who could speak to me about the pricing structure and terms for contracts.

    We will have a 50 seat call center initiall and then expand to 100.

    You can call me at 447887674574 in London.

    James Wilson

    Hi Mel,

    I would be interested in providing the VoIP connectivity. We are all Cisco based shop. Either a Cisco 5350 or a few Cisco IADs on your end. Have a good trip to Sri Lanka!


    James Wilson
    DOW Networks


    Can someone let me know the different types of call centre and the processes involved for setting up a call centre .

    What are the isssues required to keep in mind before setting up the most appropriate solution .

    Please share your experience and educate me .

    Is there any good site where I can learn on call centre .

    James Wilson

    MEL G

    Did you make it back from Sri Lanka? We spoke before you left. Give me a call.

    James Wilson
    +1770 937 9519


    Hi sandip
    Ther er 2 basic techs for a call center
    switch based and server based
    which one are u planning for

    Evan H

    I work for a small American Economic Development Corporation in Michigan, and we are currently pursuing the idea of attracting a call center to the area. Land is inexpensive, and there are already buildings in the area ripe for renovation. If anyone has information, I would greatly appreciate the help

    vijay chalke

    At present we are into software development & Web Designing.
    We are interested in setup a Call Canter in Mumbai(India).

    Can anyone help me ?


    I am interested in setting up a call center of 48 seats in Chandigarh(INDIA).Could anyone tell me about the cost of the project including space required and financing the same.Further I would like to know as how to obtain business from US .

    Vishal Jhamb

    CC in Chandigarh will cost approx. 3.20 Lacs per seat for 48 seats ( Not including Land & Building ). But if U go for ASP ( Technology / Telecom ) This cost shall be approx. 2.25 Lacs. We are setting up one in Chandigarh already, so we can help.
    Vishal Jhamb


    I am working 4 a Call Center in Delhi catering to needs of Local Customers. I & few of my Collegues
    would like to start off with Call Center . To beginwith we want it to a Domestic one . Pls Mail me ur opinion & necessary steps to go bout this .

    paras shah

    we r looking for call centre unit and medical transcript we have lot of work to give a good reputed company for long term business. the comany should established and have good potential.reply to my mail or u can reply to our usa office

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    Fabian Guillen

    Ive heard of call centers and I would like to set up one in La Paz-Bolivia Im interested in this idea so I would like to invest.

    Fabian Guillen
    Informatics Director
    Institute of Democratic Thought
    La Paz Bolivia

    Dadi Bhote Hypersoft


    It is very easy to setup a Call Center using ASP technology on a hosted model. All you need is a Computer , USB Headphone, and an Internet connection, and subscribe to a hosted service like five9.

    The startup cost will not be more than Rs.15,000/- per seat plus computer and headphone cost. There after running costs will be less than Rs5000 per seat per month plus telephony costs.


    I would like to set up a call cente in DehraDun INDIA. As being a new comer in the field Iwould like to know if any body can help me in the following areas
    1.Approx cost in setting up an INBOUND/OUTBOUND setup
    2.How to contact probable overseas clients and get business.

    An early reply from anyone ready to help would be highly apreciated.

    Thank You

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 51 total)
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