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Setting up a call center

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    Call Center Setup

    Hi Mr Vinay Talwar,

    I would like know more about Setting up a call center in Bangalore as i was reading the diffrent articles posted, if felt u would be best person to be contacted




    i want to set up a call centre trainning and placement institute. i am already in to IT training.

    kindly guide me.


    Hi Ankur,

    Are you the same one who took training with Laxmi & Me at STG

    Then interact as I am in this business right now


    Hi Simos Symeou,

    Where are you located. We are located in New Delhi(India).

    We are looking for a collaborator who can provide us capative market while we manage the call center in India.We are looking for a longterm partnership with a company who would want their own facility in India with a fully committed relationship.We could ensure that the call center is tailor made to suit your exact requirements.

    Just like you we would like to start with 24 /48 seats and keep it for a dedicated use for our collaborator with a long term commitment.

    I would be glad to discuss details if this is of interest to you.

    to all

    to all of you there,Iam a businessman in Delhi,INDIA AND AM INTRESTED in starting a call center here.I have the required infra and finences to setup a 80 to 100 seats center,what Iam looking for is any contact/leads in U.S.a,Canada and Austrealy as Iam visiting these countries inext month.All helpfull info would be rewarded.I would also like to know the costing to be coated to the clients(inclusive of all exp)


    hi mr mishra
    i am sorry probably you are mistaken
    but still i would like to have a talk with you regargding the matter

    waiting for ur answer



    i want to set up a call centre in bhubaneswar .with how much amount of minimum investment i can start a call more request. can any body tell which sector would be better.
    thankyou for your response


    dear Prayag,

    Its nice to hear that after Trionline and Mr. Mohapatra you are going to be third call center operator in Bhuvneshvar, unfortunately both your predessors have relied on Baytalkitec and thus I would suggest that you shall go for some other vendor and technology.

    I will recommend Interactive intelligence as this technology is at par with what your trionline and Mr. Mohapatra are using and services offered are by thorough professionals and that makes a lot of sense.

    Secondly interactive intelligence vendors are found all over india and provide six months business for your call center that makes you learn and grasp the call center business.


    dear deepak,
    thanks alot for your be honest i am like a freshman in this business. can i ask you a question?what is the minimum investment required to open a call centre in bhubaneswar & how to conact a company to get business from them.can i have some tie ups with U.S companies.these question may look silly to you.but please try to answer them.
    thanks for your respnse

    Vishal Jhamb

    Hi Prayag,

    Setting up a CC in Bhubneshwar if U have UR own space will cost not more than 3 Lacs per seat including technology.


    dear vishal,

    thanks alot for your reply.can i ask another one.i have my own place and 20 trained peoplewith me. but one thing i am not able to figure out ;from where to start the things.i have already applied for a toll free no.but how to contact the people who provide business for this sector.earlier Mr. deepak recommendedme the Interactive intelligence technology
    can you please tell me whatis thistechnology mean.once again thankyou for your responce.
    with regards

    Srinivasa Rao


    One of my client in New Delhi is looking for a helpdesk solution from the US. The details are:

    The customers in the US call up toll free nos. in the US and the calls have to be redirected to New Delhi where the helpdesk is situated. The solution i am looking for is :

    1. Toll free nos. in the US
    2. Computer/Server
    3. Hardware/Software for redirecting calls
    4. How will the call terminate in India?

    Please let me know the details at the earliest.


    How do you get toll free numbers of USA (800) access in India ? Can anyone explain this to me ?


    Srinivasa Rao

    hey Sanjeev, try and read properly the message i posted, i never wanted a US toll free nos. to be accessed from India….tha’s quite foolish….READ properly

    James Wilson

    · More than 50 percent of the long-distance calls in the U.S. are actually toll free calls.
    · 90% of Americans say they use toll free numbers.
    · More than one-third of Americans estimate that they make 60 or more toll free calls per year.
    · Toll free calling generated an estimated $238 billion in annual sales of goods and services in 2001.

    800 numbers in print, catalog and online advertising
    · 84% of current Internet users search for product or service online in order to make a toll free call purchase.
    · Ads featuring an 800 number can generate approximately 44% more orders.
    · A Bellcore study reveals that 800 number ads outperform local-number ads by six to one.
    · Because telephone buyers use credit cards, they order more merchandise and higher ticket items 95% of the time.
    · 58% of magazine ads contain a toll-free number, with 82% using the 800 prefix.
    · 34% of magazine ads with toll-free numbers display them prominently, versus only 15% of internet address displays.
    · The average phone order from a catalog can be 30% to 70% higher than the average mail order.
    · Fund-raising organizations have increased their response approximately 25% by adding an 800 number in commercials, print ads or direct mail pieces.

    800 numbers in TV and radio commercials
    · 24% of television commercials contain a toll-free number, 91% use the 800 prefix; 57% are vanity numbers.
    · Seventy-nine percent of commercials with toll-free numbers display the number prominently.
    · Forty percent emphasize the number with a voice-over by an announcer.
    · Only 19% of the commercials featuring toll-free numbers are time sensitive (“act now” or “limited time”).
    · National advertisers are using vanity numbers more than numeric, and local advertisers use them about half the time.
    · The top time slot is late afternoon/early evening.
    · 79% of 15 second commercials with toll-free numbers use vanity numbers, as do 75% of 30 second commercials.
    · In a TV campaign test of 1 800 PRODIGY versus their numeric 800 number, the vanity number pulled 25% more response, over a 24 hour longer period of time.
    · After running 1 800 JEEP EAGLE in tv commercials, follow-up determined that within twelve months of the first call to the number, 50% of callers converted to a sale, buying either a Jeep Eagle, or a comparable brand, concluding that the vanity number triggered more qualified leads.
    · In a recent study, radio ads with a vanity 800 number drew 14 times more calls than with a numeric 800 number.

    800 numbers for Customer Service
    · To decrease returns by as much as 50%, use an 800 number on product literature.
    · Companies who take orders by fax realize as much as 40% order increase by having an 800 number publicized.
    · Adding an 800 number to your e-mail signature will increase productivity.

    September, 2000 Study, “Toll-free Numbers in Television Advertising” by Response Marketing Group
    December ’99 – January ’00 Study, “Toll-free Numbers in Radio Advertising”, by Michael J. Motto Advertising
    March, 2000 Study, “Toll-free Numbers in Magazine Advertising” by Response Marketing Group
    Strategic Telemedia 1999 Market Research Study, “Trends in Toll Free” Toll Free Directory
    December, 2001 DRTV article, “Experts Miss the Point About Vanity Numbers”

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 51 total)
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