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Service Level Target

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    What is the service level in % to considered a excellent service? More than 95%? 98 maybe?

    What do you think about it?


    Nikolaj Nielsen

    In Denmark a 80/30 og even 90/30 servicelevel i considered fairly good. 90/10 would be close to excellent.

    (90 % within 10 seconds)

    Another parameter is the acceptable amount of abandoned calls within SL. i.e. 3 % ab. calls wihtin 90/10.

    (90 % within 10 seconds, max. 3% ab. calls)

    Fabio Moraes

    About the service level:
    The formula:
    (((Calls abandoned+Calls answered)-(Calls abandoned after threshold+Calls answered after threshold))*100)/(calls abandoned+Calls answered)
    is correct?
    I see this formula is correct, but some people use different formulas.


    Tim Parish

    Remember the higher the service level you wish to achieve, the more inefficiently you will be operating.
    99% of calls in 1 second may leave you with staff who are waiting for a call for more than 50% of their day.

    80/20 is probably as good as anything. Note that the average speed of answer and abandonment rate do not have a direct relationship with the service standard you have.

    As a simple calculation
    Call ansd in SS/All calls answd plus all calls abandoned.

    Danny Clarke

    I’m afraid I don’t agree Tim.
    My calculations/modelling shows that for the same call load:
    1000 calls of 180 Talk 20 wrap at a PCA target of 80/20 with a max agent occupancy of 75% requires an agent population of 81 to meet the PCA. With this number of Agts the ADD (Avg. Delay of a delayed call) is 28.9Seconds.

    If, with the same call load, we seek to achieve a 90/10 PCA…..
    We need 85 Agents (4 more) but the ADD goes down to 18.3 Seconds.

    As a caller (and a CC manager), I would rather see all delayed calls experience a smaller delay AND a better PCA achievement for such a small Agent cost.

    John Chan


    Where can I find a resource for all call centre operational performance indicators and their formulae?

    Would appreciate you pointing in the right direction.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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