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Legal Issue

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    John Geragosian

    Can anyone direct me to a resource where I can determine if it is legal to monitor calls for training/quality without first informing the customer? Our Agents would be aware when a call is being monitored, however based on our current IVR design we do not have an opportunity to play a meassage to a new caller.


    It would depend on what country you are in I guess. I know in Australia, in most cases it is done legally. You can get into a bit of trouble under federal legislation if you record calls and the recording system does not form part of the telecommumications system per se, but as 99% of the community are not aware of the legislation I am not aware of any problems and certainly no fines as a result of a breach of the legisdlative guidelines. The biggest problem we have is the union not budging on its acceptability, not that we stop mind you.


    Not only the country, but the state as well. In some states only one side needs to know they are being monitored. In other states, both sides need to know.
    In Arizona, nobody needs to know.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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