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Help with incentive plan

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    I’m the new comer to a call center that has changed focus from “operations” to “sales”. We are desperately trying to get the reps to change their focus and become more revenue oriented and it has been a long hard road. This year the revenue plan has switched form a points system where products were assigned piont values to straight actual revenue generated plan. The plan is not as lucrative for the reps and they are not happy. Any ideas on how we can boost morale and revenue? I’ll take any suggestions. Also would be grateful for any sales incentive idea that you all found highly effective.

    Maryanne Henchy

    Incentives will not work, and will in fact give you the opposite of what you want!

    Have a look at for good ideas on how to improve service and cut costs.


    Our incentive plan began Jan 01. Initially our focus was for refunds to be less than 5% of our total revenue. At 5% each CSR receives a $100 bonus. Each 1/2% is an additional $50. This has been very motivating for our reps. We are currently adding additional requirements such as response time, customer satisfaction etc.
    Good luck with your new career.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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